Festival Season 101 

Let’s just put this out there:
 GO BIG OR GO HOME this year! This is the year of great festivals and if you’re not planning on going to one (or eight) of them, then you should definitely change your mind! Music is life, dude. And it’s so much better live! 

Festivals are so much fun, and a chance to express your crazy side! You see everyone at coachella with the crazy outfits/hair/and makeup and wonder, how can I look like that at a festival?! Well, let me help you with some inspiration! 

HAIR // 

Ask your stylist (or come to me at my salon) and ask for Redken City Beats color to add some pop to your every day look! They have all kinds of beautiful colors that don’t last too terribly long so that you can go back to work the next week looking like your professional self. 


Glitter, glitter, GLITTER. It’s everywhere!! My absolute fav right now is glitter from Glitter Injections!


Check out Forever 21, Tillies and Pacsun for some festival vibe clothes. Or, get them online for cheap like me! I order a lot off of the Wish app and the Wanelo app. They take a little longer to ship so order in plenty of time! Also, if you want it quicker, try Amazon Prime! It’s my jam! 


Amazon, amazon, amazon… 
Get your nails done right beforehand so you don’t have to worry about them. 
Eyelash extensions are the bomb because you don’t have to worry about wearing a ton of makeup at the festival. 
Bathing suits for clothes is OKAY. It’s too damn hot to dress up in bellbottoms and bell sleeve tops. 
Practice your braids with friends! 

I can’t wait to share my own festival looks with you all! Comment below with any questions! 

What’s Super Cool for Spring

We are finally entering into SPRING! Thank the lort. 

I’ve been creepin’ on Instagram and Pinterest lately to find out what’s IN for Spring this year! I’m so excited for Spring fashion and all Summer adventures to come. Here’s the hot stuff this month: 

HAIR // 
Texture, texture, texture! You almost want that “I just rolled out of bed” look. (which luckily I do everyday) Also, if you’ve got natural wave or curls, rock them!! 


Natural. Don’t cake it, don’t bake it. Don’t over due it or use too much self tanner, trust me. Dudes don’t like it. If you feel like you need a lot of eye makeup, invest in lash extensions! They make me feel like I never need that much makeup AT ALL. It’s amazing! Add a bold, warm- tone lip for Spring: 

Everything SHEER! A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected. Show off a little bit! But don’t get too far out of your comfort zone to where you feel hella awkward. It’s not for everyone! Also, everyone’s rocking heavy jewelry, lots of jewelry, floral and bold colors! 

HATS // 
You usually throw on a ballcap to cover your dirty hair on laundry/cleaning day, but now it’s fashionable! I still kind of wear it on my dirtier hair days, but I now love hats when I never used to wear them! You can get cheap ones on Amazon or grab some at PacSun, H&M or Forever 21. Going out to brunch with your girls? Hat it. Casual drinks with a friend? Hat it. Shopping at the mall? Hat it. 

Shoe styles these days are either kept very casual or fancy smancy. I’m loving that tshirts, hats and tennis shoes are an everyday style now. Also, I love dressing up kinda fancy for no reason! 

SO. freaking. cute! Didn’t quite get your Summer bikini body ready in time? Get a cute one piece and don’t sweat it! 

DAY DRINKING! Include brunch if you wish or skip it and get to sippin’! It’s easier to go out and drink and hang with some friends for a couple hours during the daytime than being up for all hours of the night and being hungover the whole next day. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer! Find a place nearby with an open patio and great drinks! Even maybe some games. 

(Obviously, I’m obsessed with @laurajadestone and want to be her)
 So here’s my lil scoop on what’s hot for this Spring! If you have any questions, please comment below! Happy Wednesday! 

Best of Summer ’16


Man, this Summer’s been one for the books… good and bad, but mostly good. I’ve had tons of fun, spent time with new friends, explored and traveled, danced the nights away, ate my weight in great food, sung my heart out at concerts and festivals, colored my hair purple, wore a morphsuit and high-fived people for hours, dealt with a small heartbreak, got over a couple shitty guys, gained a new sense of confidence, drunkenly danced on top of tables at bars, cried the happiest of tears with my best friends, helped plan my sisters wedding and I still have so much more to come! Summer’s not over until I say it’s over… or at least until it starts feeling like Fall, because then I’ll be a happy camper. Maybe even take some camping trips, have some bonfires, eat a ton of s’mores, carve a pumpkin and do, you know, all the Fall stuff.

Here’s my little reminiscing recap of my beautiful Summer! What were some of your favorite moments?


Summer Bucket List



How can you plan out a fun Summer without making a Summer Bucket List? You could live life super spontaneously, which is also fun, but if you need a little help with ideas, I’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of my local (Nashville) Summer Bucket List, plus some extra options and ideas to try!

  • have ample lake/pool Sunday Fundays
  • take a hiking trip to Cummins Falls
  • or a hiking trip to Fall Creek Falls
  • roadtrip to Cedar Point theme park in Ohio
  • stay at a local AirBnB (I’m dying to stay at Urban Cowboy)
  • roadtrip to a beach you haven’t been to yet
  • have a picnic at the Parthenon
  • hit up the flea market for some good finds
  • eat in the beer garden at The Pharmacy Burger
  • get a Krispy Kreme donut milkshake from Flip Burger Boutique
  • get chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls from Jackson’s in Hillsboro village
  • pamper yourself and get your hair done (by me…duh)
  • attempt to escape at the Escape Room
  • play lazer tag
  • play Mario Kart (while drinking if you want it to be more fun)
  • make up your own drinking games
  • sing karaoke with friends
  • spend an afternoon at Arrington Vineyards
  • see Blink 182 in concert (I will in August!!!)
  • go to a drive-in movie theater
  • rent a cabin for a Gatlinburg trip
  • spend the day kayaking
  • get a cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM on 12 Ave. South
  • bottomless mimosas at Bar Louie
  • attend a music festival that you’ve never been to!
  • build a badass fort in your house and have a movie marathon
  • get a good view this year for the 4th of July fireworks
  • go to all the local farmers markets
  • attend a “Sips N’ Strokes” type of event
  • go to the Nashville Zoo and see some cool animals
  • attend any Brewery festivals around town
  • catch FREE live music at Live on the Green!!!
  • set up a hammock/Eno in a local park and take a snooze
  • go camping! even if it’s in your own yard
  • have a big cookout with your friends
  • make a slip-n-slide (watch out for sticks and rocks)
  • adopt an animal from a shelter
  • go to the Adventure Science Center
  • catch fireflies
  • go to the Wilson County fair and eat your weight in deep fried foods… (that’s after you ride the rides, of course.)
  • find a skating rink
  • stargaze at Love Circle
  • have a hula hoop contest in Walmart
  • plan a scavenger hunt
  • go skinny-dipping
  • have a paint war or silly string fight
  • or a Nerf Gun war
  • do a run/walk for a cause
  • take as many photo booth pictures as possible
  • get a polaroid camera
  • eat from different Food Trucks
  • make homemade ice cream
  • make new friends!
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • start a garden
  • visit Cheekwood’s botanical garden
  • go zip-lining
  • have a yard sale or finally get rid of the shit you don’t want/need
  • say YES to everything for a day…or just more often because that could get dangerous
  • take more risks and get out of your comfort zone a little
  • actually make a Pinterest recipe instead of just pinning it
  • pick up a new hobby
  • learn how to play an instrument
  • learn how to drive a stick
  • take a selfie in Sinema’s selfie bathroom
  • go to a new coffee shop every week
  • go dance downtown all night until you’re too sweaty and tired to carry on
  • hide in boxes in the city and scare people
  • just go have some freaking fun the Summer for crying out loud!



Don’t be boring and lame. Get out there and enjoy life, dude!

xx || ps

|| Sundress and 75 ||


I don’t know about anywhere else, but it was a beautiful day in Nashville yesterday! What’s better to wear on a gorgeous day than a sundress? Easy to wear, move in, dance in, whatever. I snagged this little vintage piece from Fineshrine Vintage at their local pop up event hosted a couple weeks ago in East Nashville. I love the idea of curated clothing. Taking one person’s old or unwanted junk and giving it purpose again. (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?) When I bought this dress, I already knew exactly what I would pair it with. A floppy sun hat or Panama hat always pairs nicely with a casual dress. Also, pre-apology, you’re going to see these ankle booties a lot because they’re currently my favorite pair of shoes. They’re easier to wear than heels and they make you look like you have legs for dayz.




If you don’t remember me stating from a previous post, I’m currently obsessed with copper accents and accessories. When I saw this little gem on sale at Earthbound Trading Co., I just couldn’t pass it up. This dress could be paired with a small, dainty necklace or with a larger, more chunky one as well. It’s really whatever you’re feeling…or how bold you would want to be that day. I’m trying to wear out all of my Summer clothes before Fall really hits us! I still feel like I have so much to share. This coming weekend, I’ll be attending Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, GA, so I’ll get one last HOORAH with my festival fashion pieces! Stay tuned!



Fineshrine Vintage Dress || Black Ankle Booties || UO Panama Hat || Copper Necklace

xx || ps

last bits of bonnaroo 


It’s so hard to say goodbye to the farm, but I made so many lasting memories! All in all, we survived the heat, stayed hydrated and were fully prepared with every festival essential as well as fashion essentials. 

For any festival, you’ll definitely need water, sunscreen, shades, etc… but my festival list includes a little more:

Don’t forget! The most comfortable clothes to wear to a Summer festival is something loose and breathable. (it’s too hot for anything else, unless you go nude with body paint…which isn’t really my style.) Urban Outfitters had my go-to cover up that kept me cool throughout the day. I also packed my Polaroid camera, because what’s cooler than Polaroid pictures? Instant satisfaction. I brought my handy dandy fanny pack for a little bit of storage, which was able to hold my portable phone charger. (never know when you’ll need one!) Bringing a blanket or sheet is desirable when you’re wanting to relax and listen to the music. Lastly, if you’re wanting to have some fun, get creative and bring along some henna tattoos or the pretty metallic ones. There’s no better place to express your wild side than at Bonnaroo! 

PS || If you find an old VW van, it just makes your experience that much cooler. 

Enjoy these little tips and make sure that I see you on the farm next year! 

xx || ps 

sneak peeks


Here are a few sneak peeks of some upcoming looks! I’ve snagged some great items from multiple great brands! I can’t wait to share all of my summer fashion/festival fashion/every day outfits for you all. Stay tuned! 

xx || ps