Festival Season 101 

Let’s just put this out there:
 GO BIG OR GO HOME this year! This is the year of great festivals and if you’re not planning on going to one (or eight) of them, then you should definitely change your mind! Music is life, dude. And it’s so much better live! 

Festivals are so much fun, and a chance to express your crazy side! You see everyone at coachella with the crazy outfits/hair/and makeup and wonder, how can I look like that at a festival?! Well, let me help you with some inspiration! 

HAIR // 

Ask your stylist (or come to me at my salon) and ask for Redken City Beats color to add some pop to your every day look! They have all kinds of beautiful colors that don’t last too terribly long so that you can go back to work the next week looking like your professional self. 


Glitter, glitter, GLITTER. It’s everywhere!! My absolute fav right now is glitter from Glitter Injections!


Check out Forever 21, Tillies and Pacsun for some festival vibe clothes. Or, get them online for cheap like me! I order a lot off of the Wish app and the Wanelo app. They take a little longer to ship so order in plenty of time! Also, if you want it quicker, try Amazon Prime! It’s my jam! 


Amazon, amazon, amazon… 
Get your nails done right beforehand so you don’t have to worry about them. 
Eyelash extensions are the bomb because you don’t have to worry about wearing a ton of makeup at the festival. 
Bathing suits for clothes is OKAY. It’s too damn hot to dress up in bellbottoms and bell sleeve tops. 
Practice your braids with friends! 

I can’t wait to share my own festival looks with you all! Comment below with any questions! 

What’s Super Cool for Spring

We are finally entering into SPRING! Thank the lort. 

I’ve been creepin’ on Instagram and Pinterest lately to find out what’s IN for Spring this year! I’m so excited for Spring fashion and all Summer adventures to come. Here’s the hot stuff this month: 

HAIR // 
Texture, texture, texture! You almost want that “I just rolled out of bed” look. (which luckily I do everyday) Also, if you’ve got natural wave or curls, rock them!! 


Natural. Don’t cake it, don’t bake it. Don’t over due it or use too much self tanner, trust me. Dudes don’t like it. If you feel like you need a lot of eye makeup, invest in lash extensions! They make me feel like I never need that much makeup AT ALL. It’s amazing! Add a bold, warm- tone lip for Spring: 

Everything SHEER! A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected. Show off a little bit! But don’t get too far out of your comfort zone to where you feel hella awkward. It’s not for everyone! Also, everyone’s rocking heavy jewelry, lots of jewelry, floral and bold colors! 

HATS // 
You usually throw on a ballcap to cover your dirty hair on laundry/cleaning day, but now it’s fashionable! I still kind of wear it on my dirtier hair days, but I now love hats when I never used to wear them! You can get cheap ones on Amazon or grab some at PacSun, H&M or Forever 21. Going out to brunch with your girls? Hat it. Casual drinks with a friend? Hat it. Shopping at the mall? Hat it. 

Shoe styles these days are either kept very casual or fancy smancy. I’m loving that tshirts, hats and tennis shoes are an everyday style now. Also, I love dressing up kinda fancy for no reason! 

SO. freaking. cute! Didn’t quite get your Summer bikini body ready in time? Get a cute one piece and don’t sweat it! 

DAY DRINKING! Include brunch if you wish or skip it and get to sippin’! It’s easier to go out and drink and hang with some friends for a couple hours during the daytime than being up for all hours of the night and being hungover the whole next day. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer! Find a place nearby with an open patio and great drinks! Even maybe some games. 

(Obviously, I’m obsessed with @laurajadestone and want to be her)
 So here’s my lil scoop on what’s hot for this Spring! If you have any questions, please comment below! Happy Wednesday! 

Hidden Gems 

All Photos // Reymarkable Photography

Hey everyone! Gosh, it’s been such a beautiful week in Nashville. The weather is finally starting to get more comfortable, and I can’t wait until I can start wearing all the cardigans I purchased that I haven’t been able to wear yet. But, I’m still able to get the last wears out of my cute Summer/Fall outfits. Like this beautiful gem that I snagged at Ross. Ross! I get so lucky sometimes at these little stores that most people forget about. Most of my shopping lately has been at Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and H&M. Also, other little places that I forget about sometimes are Francesca’s, Lizard Thicket, Blush, and even sometimes Plato’s Closet. Ross has the best dress and romper selection, Target has the best comfy shirts, T.J. Maxx and Target have all of the home decor I’ve bought recently, Forever 21 has the great shoes and accessories, and H&M is where I get all of my work clothes.
But can we just talk about how beautiful this romper is? And also how beautifully shot it was? I was super stoked to work with a photographer friend of mine that made a stop in Nashville recently from LA. His work is so incredible and really captures me and my vibe. If you’re ever out wandering around LA, you should definitely hit him up because he’s your guy! Or if you’re in Nashville, have him let you know when he’s visiting. I found a couple of rompers and outfits with this style with the shorter leg lengths. I didn’t necessarily know how I felt about it at first, but I’m warming up to it. Until it’s not warm enough to wear it anymore. But for now, especially with all the weddings going on this season, I’ll rock it out. Make sure to check out these little places you may forget about and shop local, as well! 
Have a happy Wednesday!

Patterns and Plans 

All Photos // Power & Influence Photography

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall in Nashville! Which means that this dress isn’t really appropriate, but hey, it was 90° last week and I just wanted to show off these awesome photos from my shoot with Tyrone Easley. I got this dress a little while back at Target, or as I like to say, targé. But, they currently have super comfy long sleeve shirts and sweaters that I may or may not have stocked up on yesterday… My main colors for Fall are black (as always), gray, dark rust orange and sage green. I can’t wait to start wearing cardigans and loose sweaters. I also can’t wait to fulfill my Fall Bucket List plans! …But the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) …count me out, I ain’t that basic. That shit’s too sweet. I’ll take an Octoberfest instead! Here’s my to-do list below, and hopefully it will inspire you to do some of these as well!

Fall Bucket list //

have as many bonfires as possible

make s’mores, duh

try all of the seasonal beers

rent a cabin in the mountains

enjoy a hot tub at that cabin

get drunk with my friends at that cabin

take as many weekend road trips as possible

rent a local AirBnB to see what it has to offer

eat chili until I’m sick of it

bake the Pillsbury sugar cookies with the ghosts on them

consistently light my Bath & Body Works pumpkin pecan waffles candle (dude, it’s amazeballs.)

watch the Nightmare Before Christmas

have a Harry Potter movie marathon

or maybe I’ll agree to a different one

screw scary/bloody movies, I don’t do that crap

have a bomb ass Halloween costume

do something fun for Halloween (haven’t planned that yet…)

go to Six Flags Atlanta for Fright Fest

go to Gentry’s Farm Fall Festival to get my pumpkins

go to a couple different parks or greenways and enjoy the beautiful weather

Well, there ‘ya have it. What are some styles you want to see this Fall? What are your travel plans? What’s on your Fall Bucket List?

Happy Wednesday!


Cup’s Half Full



All Photos // Shaye Pennington

Alright, so last week I stated that I was in a funk… Then I had to take a second to reel myself back in, think about all the things that make me happy and just how freaking wonderful my life can be. I have to sit back and ask myself sometimes…

What are the things in life that make you happiest?

my family // they’re crazy and dysfunctional as ever, but I love them more than anything in this world. I try to see them once a week at minimal. Spending time with them allows me to be myself in my truest form and really get some of the bitching and venting that I need to get out from the week.

friends // I don’t know about you, but I honestly get depressed if I don’t see my friends for a while. I live by myself (which I love and want to keep it that way) but I get bored by myself sometimes and always love to go out and catch up with friends over margs.

traveling // now, I don’t get to do it a lot with my career, unfortunately, but I intend to do so much more. Traveling is so exciting and freeing. Nothing says finding yourself more than getting lost in the right direction.

experiences // i.e. concerts, festivals, nights on the town, etc… I went to see Blink 182 on Monday and it was literally the best show that I’ve ever been to! I cried, I seriously cried. Sorry for blowing up everyone’s Snapchat with my videos, but also sorry not sorry because I was incredibly happy and loved every minute of it!

I mean, other things make me happy, like queso, shopping and dancing really ghetto at a bar, but those are the main things.

p.s. I’m in love with this outfit. I found this little white gem at Nordstrom, paid too much money for it, but look at it! It’s stunning and so fun and flowy! I might even wear this ‘fit to Live on the Green, which starts tomorrow! Free music and food trucks, wahoo!!

Check the details below. Happy Wednesday! 

Savvy Blouses at Nordstrom || Grey Razerback Tank || Distressed Denim Shorts || Multi-layer Necklace || Faux Leather Booties


Something up my Sleeve

All photos // Madelyn Starks 

 Sometimes, you just need to go flail around on the top of a parking garage. I’ve been in such a funk lately. Summer’s coming to an end here soon, it’s been hot as balls outside or pouring down rain, school’s back in and traffic sucks, my car has had everything in the book wrong with it and people throughout the week naturally suck anyway. But you know what makes me feel better when I’m in a slump? Going to the mall and spending unnecessary money on clothes and accessories instead of adulting and putting it toward more important things in life. Like, margaritas and queso. Who needs bills, am I right?

Now, I was not happy that I unexpectedly stumbled into the mall over tax-free weekend, but, I instantly got happier when I purchased this shirt. I know that the flared sleeves came into style a while back, but I just could never find one that I liked or thought it complimented me. I FINALLY found this little rusty gem at Forever 21. (no surprise there) They had it in this amazing rust color and in white! But, since I’m clumsy and messy as hell, I decided against the white. Since the shirt has long sleeves, and it’s still as hot and humid as ever, I paired it with my fav thrift shorts and camel booties and wore it out to see Ray LaMontagne at the Ascend Ampitheatre Friday night. Incredible show. If I can’t find a way for him to sing at my wedding someday, heck, I just might not even get hitched. I’ll also be going to rock out and see Boston in concert with my Dad this week! Fingers crossed we don’t get drenched… and you know what? I might just wear this outfit to that, too. No shame. Next week, I’m going to see Blink 182 and I seriously could not be more freaking stoked about that show! This Summer’s been full of great music. PLUS, Live on the Green starts next week as well. Now that’s one thing I can definitely be happy about!

As for what’s up my sleeve… I’ve planned a crazy bachelorette weekend for my older sister. Stay tuned and expect some crazy snapchats! 

Enjoy your week, lovelies!

Bell Sleeve Top || Distressed Denim Shorts (similar) || Camel Booties




Paisleys on Paisley




As you all saw in my last post, I’m pretty into dresses lately. I’m not a huge girly-girl, but I love to rock some beautiful dresses! Especially when this one has my own print! *hints Paisleys on Paisley* I’m typically not a big red fan or any vibrant colors for that matter, but I’ve been trying to get out of the box a little lately. My bright yellow sundress from last week and this red beauty are definitely Summer worthy!

And speaking of Summer… I think it’s going by way too fast. I need more pool days, hiking trips, canoeing adventures, etc. But it just seems like there isn’t enough time in the day! Especially with my crazy schedule. July 4th has already came and went and now the Wilson County Fair and Live on the Green will be here before we know it! (can’t wait to make posts on those!) The only negative thing about this Summer has been that it’s been way too hot to do any photoshoots… I may look all happy and flowing and free, but in actuality, I was sweating like freaking crazy. It was worth it to get shots of this gorgeous dress, though! I may even rock it to a wedding this Saturday. Now, all I need is a cute date to go with…

What did you all do for the 4th of July this year? Got any big weekend plans, yourself? Any new fashion styles/advice you’d like to see on the blog? Let me know!

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Paisley Print Dress || Panama Hat