What’s Super Cool for Spring

We are finally entering into SPRING! Thank the lort. 

I’ve been creepin’ on Instagram and Pinterest lately to find out what’s IN for Spring this year! I’m so excited for Spring fashion and all Summer adventures to come. Here’s the hot stuff this month: 

HAIR // 
Texture, texture, texture! You almost want that “I just rolled out of bed” look. (which luckily I do everyday) Also, if you’ve got natural wave or curls, rock them!! 


Natural. Don’t cake it, don’t bake it. Don’t over due it or use too much self tanner, trust me. Dudes don’t like it. If you feel like you need a lot of eye makeup, invest in lash extensions! They make me feel like I never need that much makeup AT ALL. It’s amazing! Add a bold, warm- tone lip for Spring: 

Everything SHEER! A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected. Show off a little bit! But don’t get too far out of your comfort zone to where you feel hella awkward. It’s not for everyone! Also, everyone’s rocking heavy jewelry, lots of jewelry, floral and bold colors! 

HATS // 
You usually throw on a ballcap to cover your dirty hair on laundry/cleaning day, but now it’s fashionable! I still kind of wear it on my dirtier hair days, but I now love hats when I never used to wear them! You can get cheap ones on Amazon or grab some at PacSun, H&M or Forever 21. Going out to brunch with your girls? Hat it. Casual drinks with a friend? Hat it. Shopping at the mall? Hat it. 

Shoe styles these days are either kept very casual or fancy smancy. I’m loving that tshirts, hats and tennis shoes are an everyday style now. Also, I love dressing up kinda fancy for no reason! 

SO. freaking. cute! Didn’t quite get your Summer bikini body ready in time? Get a cute one piece and don’t sweat it! 

DAY DRINKING! Include brunch if you wish or skip it and get to sippin’! It’s easier to go out and drink and hang with some friends for a couple hours during the daytime than being up for all hours of the night and being hungover the whole next day. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer! Find a place nearby with an open patio and great drinks! Even maybe some games. 

(Obviously, I’m obsessed with @laurajadestone and want to be her)
 So here’s my lil scoop on what’s hot for this Spring! If you have any questions, please comment below! Happy Wednesday! 

Black on Black on Blonde

All Photos // Power and Influence Photography

How did distressing your clothes go? Good, bad or otherwise? Hey, you never know until you try. Here I’m rocking one of my dad’s old AC/DC shirts that I cropped and chopped holes in. I made this look a little grungy because that’s how I felt that day. I also would wear it with jeans and a cardigan or with some over the knee boots! 

Remember, if you ever can’t decide what to wear, ALL BLACK ALWAYS WORKS! 

I’m also glad that this park let me crash and snap some photos, although I had to dodge all of the people jogging and sprinting by…. but didn’t these turn out amazing? Tyrone is my favorite photographer in Nashville! He is amazing, so if you have any photo needs, he’s your guy! I’ve posted his link above. 

Luckily I’ve gotten a couple nice days in Nashville lately that I could spend outside brunching, day drinking or just hanging out. But apparently it’s supposed to snow this weekend? Our weather can NEVER make up it’s mind… I should make a post about what to do while it’s cold, but honestly I don’t like getting out in it and I’d rather cuddle and hang with my dog.
So we’ll all just have to hold on and keep anticipating Spring to come along and the warm weather stay for good! I’ve got a lot coming up that I can’t wait to share! 
Ps // Happy International Women’s Day! Take time to think about a woman that inspires you and how you inspire yourself! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Vday Baby! 

Hey guys! 

It’s that time of year again: Single Awareness Day! ….er I mean, Valentine’s Day! 

There is always SO much stress put on to Vday. I mean, you should love your significant other just as much every other day, but this day is the day to get them gifts to show your love and appreciation for them. And above all, it’s just tradition and a holiday, so we might as well partake and enjoy it! As I did last year, I’ll share some helpful tips on how to score this Vday: 

First things first — 
• If your girl says she doesn’t like flowers… she’s lying. EVERY girl will appreciate getting flowers. Especially if you send them to her workplace so show off in front of her coworkers. Bonus points! Find a cheap place that delivers flowers, get a dozen red roses and boom. Done. 
• OR, get her a plant that will last. Like a succulent or a cactus. 

• Now, if she tells you that she’d RATHER have chocolate than flowers? Then she’s telling the truth. If you showed up at my door with an Edible Arrangment or any kind of chocolate covered fruit, I would be ecstatic. (If you’re on a budget, buy strawberries and chocolate fruit dip at Kroger and make them together!)
• Next, stop playing modest and go get some lingerie. Victoria Secret will never fail you. If you pick out something that YOU like, she will be more willing to wear it for your enjoyment. If you totally can’t wrap your head around doing it, buy her a $50-$100 gift card and you all can go together to pick something out. (budget: go to yandy.com to pick out something on the cheap)

• Search for events happening on Vday. Concerts, comedy shows, Theater performances, arts & crafts, dancing, etc… You’ll seem creative and adventurous. 

• Speaking of adventurous, BOOK A TRIP TOGETHER! That is one heck of a gift. Book a short cruise, they’re really not that expensive. Take a trip somewhere close by-ish at a cabin or beach, whichever is closer to you. Rent a local Airbnb or fancy hotel room for the night.

• Get her a subscription – for example:
Her fav magazine

Tanning membership 

Birchbox (rando products and things)

Bootay Bag (monthly undies / Instagram: bootaybag_) 

Not necessarily a subscription, but a massage or facial package


• Some of the above can be for both. 
• Get him tickets to his fav sports team
• Buy him his favorite candy but don’t you dare get him a teddy bear to go with it….

• A massage or couple’s massage 
• a nice  watch, suit, tie, jacket or shoes he’s been wanting 
• lottery tickets 
• book a trip for Him! 
• surprise him with YOUR choice of lingerie. He’s going to love it no matter what. 

• Get him his fav alcohol and mixer, decorate it if you wish. (Pinterest has some good ideas) 
• Get him a box of chocolates, eat the chocolates, then fill the box with mini alcohol bottles 
• Get him a virtual reality set 
• A beer cap collector shadow box 
• Vday boxers from Target of American Eagle 
• take him to a brewery and let him take samples or do a tour 

Other than your birthday suit… Here’s some places to shop: 
• Forever 21 

• H&M

• Express 

• Blush Boutique 

• Windsor 

• Ross! (super cheap but great dress selection) 

• TJMaxx 

• super cheap and quick? Amazon Prime. 


• Follow @bybrookelle on Instagram and check out her makeup looks. She is Amazeballs. 

• Try a sultry dark lip this vday, and go softer on the eyes with some false lashes to play them up. It makes you look mysterious and seductive. 

• You can stick with a classic red lip, just make sure it’s more of a crimson or wine red rather than fire engine red 


• treat yo’ self 

• buy bubble bath soaps or bath bombs 

• get your fav wine or drink 

• buy your own damn chocolates or ice cream 

• make your dog/cat your valentine 

• go to Target and buy little knick knacks from the dollar isle 

• redecorate. that always makes me happy

• cook yourself a great meal or order takeout 

• binge watch netflix 

• spend time with another single friend of yours

• DONT go on a Tinder date

• delete your Tinder anyway 

Regardless, it’s just a Tuesday. Make it fun or just chill out! My dog and I are gonna eat Chinese takeout and binge watch netflix and we’re going to love every minute of it. Happy Vday! 

What’s Fab For February 

Fashion // 

Hair // 

Makeup // 

Gotta keep motivated and inspired!! I’m in LOVE with these looks! 

Try something new this month! A new makeup look, a new outfit trend or a new hairstyle. Maybe even some new decor to spice up your life a little. Have more fun with your style! 

Happy Wednesday! 

New Year, New Resolutions

Cheers to the new year! I’m not going to say that “this is MY year” or ” new year, new me” because let’s face it, neither of those are true or will happen. I’m just trying to check myself, treat myself and take care of myself. Check myself, being the things that I want to do or be better at. Treat myself, meaning doing the things that make ME happy. Then taking care of myself, meaning having a hot bod for ME and for no one else. There’s also a couple more New Years Resolutions that I want to take care of though:
• clean my freaking bedroom 

• wake up on the first alarm 

• take care of my body (get a bombass ass) 

• treat myself 

• do whatever the hell makes me happy 

• get motivated 

• stop online shopping so much 

• drink more water 

• travel as much as possible. even little weekend trips 

• find a travel buddy 

• take a trip for my bday! (coming soon)

• make new friends 

• somehow save more money so I can freaking buy my own house

• find ways to be more social 


• hide all of the chocolate around my place 

• cure my dog’s separation anxiety 

• not have tension/anger toward anyone 

• stop giving too much to not get it in return 

• stop buying everything copper just bc its copper 

• read more books 

• make baller summer plans 

• clean the dust off my ceiling fan 

• acquire a taste for whiskey 

• continue inspiring myself and my clients 

• work on my road rage 

• maybe not eat as much ramen noodles as I do 

• go to as many music festivals as possible 

• just have a freaking amazing life. because why not? 
I like to consider these as goals rather than resolutions. I work harder toward goals than resolutions, anyway. Enjoy this new year, peeps. Cheers! 

All Things NYE!

All Photos // Reymarkable Photography

Alright, so with as much as 2016 sucked (…I mean for me it kinda did) we need to go out with a bang for this New Year’s Eve. 

As I get older, I keep running out of events to dress up for. No more proms or formals or whatever. This year, all I had was my company Christmas party and will have NYE. 

But what you’re probably wondering is what do I wear? What style do I choose to go with? Well let’s get a couple things straight: EVERY GIRL will ALWAYS want to wear sequins/sparkles/shimmery things on NYE. Always, there’s no question about it. And that’s OK! It’s hard to be a leader rather than a follower on this particular holiday. Also, if all else fails you can always rely on an LBD (little black dress). But, there are ways to change it up a little bit. 

Try Velvet // red velvet, blue velvet, green velvet. It doesn’t matter. I wore a red velvet dress to my Christmas party and got SO many compliments. 

Get some faux fur // let’s be real, it’s probably going to be freezing that night. Rock a faux fur jacket in cream, gray or blush with all black underneath, pants top and shoes. 

Get some statement shoes // you can always find sparkly shoes. Or get something trendy like the new see-through booties or thigh-high boots. 

Get on Pinterest and check out “New Years Eve outfits” and “NYE makeup”. Rock those sequins, darken that makeup and go have a blast! 

Now the bigger question…. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I’ll help ya. 
• go to your fav bar and get HAMMERED. just don’t get kicked out before midnight, seriously. 

• go to a smaller, more eclectic bar for a more classy, chill loungy environment. you won’t be as closterphobic. 

• find a cool rooftop downtown and make a reservation to hang there for the night with a great view of the city. 

• reserve an Airbnb for the night with a group of your besties 

• or get a fancy hotel room with room service 

• take a trip and do something different for a change! go to a different city to celebrate

• or lay at home in your pjs with your bf or bff and eat popcorn and pop some champagne 

And here’s some general hot tips: 

• most places are going to have a cover charge or require reservation 

• Ubers are very expensive this night. Last year we had a $200 uber fare. It was crazy but hey, it’s cheaper than a DUI. Just make sure you’ve got some mula saved up for whatever you do $$$

• girls, DONT wear hella uncomfortable heels. you are going to be so pissed at yourself. 

• don’t kiss a random stranger just because you don’t have a “New Years kiss”… unless they’re hot… you know what, no just don’t. and don’t kiss your best straight guy friend because it will just f*ck things up. 

• if you’re really cool and have multiple events you’ve been invited to, chose the one with the BEST people that yore going to have the most FUN with. if you love your best friend Becky buts she’s lame AF, don’t go. if you love/like some dude but want to go hoe it out with your girlfriends, go do that. they’ll figure something out. it’s your life, go live it up while you’re still young! 

• stick with ONE kind of alcohol. you don’t want to be so insanely miserably hungover on New Year’s Day with your family. personally, I’m a tequila drinker. But, I’ll most likely drink champagne this year because that makes me a happy drunk without taking my clothes off and dancing on tables. I’ll be wearing a dress, so that wouldn’t be very classy of me. 

But hey, all that matters is that you have FUN! and be safe but mostly have fun. 

Ultimate Gift Guide 2016

Ho ho holy crap, it’s almost Christmas! Have you done all of your shopping yet? Well, if you’re looking for some gift ideas, you came to the right site. I’ve got all kinds of little to big gift options that i’ve been brainstorming: 
Small gifts- Stocking stuffers //
Don’t just get gum and candy.. get:

gift cards

car air fresheners (Bath&BodyWorks)

concert tickets 

fuzzy socks 

no-crease ponytail holders 

mini alcohol bottles 

a fav movie & popcorn 

a good book 

bath bombs 

face masks 

specialty teas

mini perfume bottle 



razors! ( those are expensive lol)

coffe K cups 

hot cocoa mix  

Gifts from Guys to Girls //
VS undies (don’t be creative, just get black and sexy.) 

concert tix to a band she loves 

photo album of your memories 

surprise trip 

a NICE, sexy perfume (aka Y’ves Saint Laurent Black Opium) 

make her something (house decor wise?)

a nice silk black robe

copper mule mugs 

anything customized to her 

a NICE makeup brush set 

a polaroid camera 

a record player & some vinyls 

a romantic cabin trip or a surprise her with her group of friends

reserve a New Year’s eve spot for your and her friends

VS lingerie or the Santa skirt and bra (I had to chuckle when I wrote this one)

jewelry is a little overrated… in MY opinion. and it’s too much pressure on guys. get her a gift card to get her hair or nails done instead. or shit, just buy her a puppy or a car. she’ll like those better 

tickets to a music festival together 

Gifts from Girls to Guys //
his fav band concert tix

tix to his fav team’s game 

a nice pair of boots 

a nice leather/ bomber jacket 

funny boxers from American Eagle 

a beer bottle cap shadow box

golf clubs 

fishing pole

a gun he’s interested in 


apple watch 

nice headphones 

a nice bag to carry his products and toiletries in

good cigars 

a record player and some vinyls 

car wash membership 

take HIM out to a nice dinner 

a good whiskey/bourbon that he likes (some places will let you engrave the bottles) 

a package to drive exotic cars 

remote start for car 

tickets to a music festival together 

a GoPro

nice leather gloves 

Gifts for your best girl friends //


hair products 

trendy bomber jacket 

comfy pjs 

gift cards to their fav store 

gift cards for homer decor 

her fav alcohol & mixer 

nice wine glasses 

a great pair of sunglasses 

a good brand wallet/ purse 

a fuzzy throw blanket 

a 2017 calendar planner 

cute workout clothes 

a selfie light 

something that YOU have that THEY love 

lots of wine 

mine wine bottles 

more wine 

oh, and some wine 

candles from Bath & Body Works (pumpkin peacan waffles is the best, btw…)

pedicure gift cards so you can go together 

One of the best gifts: 
QUESO. or the 3 flavored popcorn bowls. 


Do something that involves you spending time with each other. Take your bf, gf, best friend, mom, dad, dog whatever to a nice dinner, to see Christmas lights at Opry or Cheekwood, go to the Escape Game, Lazertag, go race go carts, plan a trip together, make plans for new years or even give them coupon vouchers for “free back massage” or “movies and ice cream on me” etc… SPEND TIME TOGETHER! That’s more of what the holidays are about. LOVE each other man. 

and Have a very Merry Christmas!