Gypsy Warrior Vibes

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Disclaimer: sorry about the language but actually I’m not sorry. 

Guys… check out these amazing photos!! Tyrone is the freaking man. He killed this last photo shoot. And this outfit? Oh my gahh. Gypsy Warrior is one of my absolute favorite clothing stores! I shop strictly online, because their shop isn’t local to me, but everything is always perfect! They also have cute little knick knacks and home decor! They really fill my edgy/punk vibes and make me feel like a total badass. If you haven’t checked them out, then you need to right meow! Every girl has a little dark side to them, might as well let it out sometimes. 

I’ve also been on a crazy bomber jacket kick lately. I’m obsessed. I almost have one in every color… and I’m not exaggerating. I love this deep sage color and the subtle message on the back (insert winky emoji here) Mostly my hair will cover it, but I can always flash it at people that need it. 

And let’s not act like “Not your babe” isn’t the motto of the year for like half of the women out here chillin on Earth. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Nothing makes a guy want you more than when you don’t actually want him…. haha it’s true! 

I’m praising Gypsy Warrior for their amazing clothes and accessories! I can’t get enough of them! Check them out here! 

Happy Wednesday, babes!

Arm the Animals 

Hey guys! 
So I want to give a little shoutout to this awesome company called Arm the Animals. They help to raise awareness and raise funds to support animal rescue! Which has recently become very important and relevant to me since I recently rescued my beautiful husky/lab, Luna, from the Metro Animal Shelter in Nashville. At first, it was a struggle for Luna to get accustomed to a new home and new environment, but she’s been getting better and better every day. I knew it would also be a big adjustment for myself, as well, but it has all been so worth it. I love my little Luna tuna head with all my heart and I can’t imagine being without her! 

Arm the Animals has amazing t shirts, tanks and hoodies that are SO comfy and stylish! I especially love my PBR tank (pits blue ribbon) and I would wear it anywhere! Make sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram! 
@armtheanimals //

New Year, New Resolutions

Cheers to the new year! I’m not going to say that “this is MY year” or ” new year, new me” because let’s face it, neither of those are true or will happen. I’m just trying to check myself, treat myself and take care of myself. Check myself, being the things that I want to do or be better at. Treat myself, meaning doing the things that make ME happy. Then taking care of myself, meaning having a hot bod for ME and for no one else. There’s also a couple more New Years Resolutions that I want to take care of though:
• clean my freaking bedroom 

• wake up on the first alarm 

• take care of my body (get a bombass ass) 

• treat myself 

• do whatever the hell makes me happy 

• get motivated 

• stop online shopping so much 

• drink more water 

• travel as much as possible. even little weekend trips 

• find a travel buddy 

• take a trip for my bday! (coming soon)

• make new friends 

• somehow save more money so I can freaking buy my own house

• find ways to be more social 


• hide all of the chocolate around my place 

• cure my dog’s separation anxiety 

• not have tension/anger toward anyone 

• stop giving too much to not get it in return 

• stop buying everything copper just bc its copper 

• read more books 

• make baller summer plans 

• clean the dust off my ceiling fan 

• acquire a taste for whiskey 

• continue inspiring myself and my clients 

• work on my road rage 

• maybe not eat as much ramen noodles as I do 

• go to as many music festivals as possible 

• just have a freaking amazing life. because why not? 
I like to consider these as goals rather than resolutions. I work harder toward goals than resolutions, anyway. Enjoy this new year, peeps. Cheers! 

All Things NYE!

All Photos // Reymarkable Photography

Alright, so with as much as 2016 sucked (…I mean for me it kinda did) we need to go out with a bang for this New Year’s Eve. 

As I get older, I keep running out of events to dress up for. No more proms or formals or whatever. This year, all I had was my company Christmas party and will have NYE. 

But what you’re probably wondering is what do I wear? What style do I choose to go with? Well let’s get a couple things straight: EVERY GIRL will ALWAYS want to wear sequins/sparkles/shimmery things on NYE. Always, there’s no question about it. And that’s OK! It’s hard to be a leader rather than a follower on this particular holiday. Also, if all else fails you can always rely on an LBD (little black dress). But, there are ways to change it up a little bit. 

Try Velvet // red velvet, blue velvet, green velvet. It doesn’t matter. I wore a red velvet dress to my Christmas party and got SO many compliments. 

Get some faux fur // let’s be real, it’s probably going to be freezing that night. Rock a faux fur jacket in cream, gray or blush with all black underneath, pants top and shoes. 

Get some statement shoes // you can always find sparkly shoes. Or get something trendy like the new see-through booties or thigh-high boots. 

Get on Pinterest and check out “New Years Eve outfits” and “NYE makeup”. Rock those sequins, darken that makeup and go have a blast! 

Now the bigger question…. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I’ll help ya. 
• go to your fav bar and get HAMMERED. just don’t get kicked out before midnight, seriously. 

• go to a smaller, more eclectic bar for a more classy, chill loungy environment. you won’t be as closterphobic. 

• find a cool rooftop downtown and make a reservation to hang there for the night with a great view of the city. 

• reserve an Airbnb for the night with a group of your besties 

• or get a fancy hotel room with room service 

• take a trip and do something different for a change! go to a different city to celebrate

• or lay at home in your pjs with your bf or bff and eat popcorn and pop some champagne 

And here’s some general hot tips: 

• most places are going to have a cover charge or require reservation 

• Ubers are very expensive this night. Last year we had a $200 uber fare. It was crazy but hey, it’s cheaper than a DUI. Just make sure you’ve got some mula saved up for whatever you do $$$

• girls, DONT wear hella uncomfortable heels. you are going to be so pissed at yourself. 

• don’t kiss a random stranger just because you don’t have a “New Years kiss”… unless they’re hot… you know what, no just don’t. and don’t kiss your best straight guy friend because it will just f*ck things up. 

• if you’re really cool and have multiple events you’ve been invited to, chose the one with the BEST people that yore going to have the most FUN with. if you love your best friend Becky buts she’s lame AF, don’t go. if you love/like some dude but want to go hoe it out with your girlfriends, go do that. they’ll figure something out. it’s your life, go live it up while you’re still young! 

• stick with ONE kind of alcohol. you don’t want to be so insanely miserably hungover on New Year’s Day with your family. personally, I’m a tequila drinker. But, I’ll most likely drink champagne this year because that makes me a happy drunk without taking my clothes off and dancing on tables. I’ll be wearing a dress, so that wouldn’t be very classy of me. 

But hey, all that matters is that you have FUN! and be safe but mostly have fun. 

Ultimate Gift Guide 2016

Ho ho holy crap, it’s almost Christmas! Have you done all of your shopping yet? Well, if you’re looking for some gift ideas, you came to the right site. I’ve got all kinds of little to big gift options that i’ve been brainstorming: 
Small gifts- Stocking stuffers //
Don’t just get gum and candy.. get:

gift cards

car air fresheners (Bath&BodyWorks)

concert tickets 

fuzzy socks 

no-crease ponytail holders 

mini alcohol bottles 

a fav movie & popcorn 

a good book 

bath bombs 

face masks 

specialty teas

mini perfume bottle 



razors! ( those are expensive lol)

coffe K cups 

hot cocoa mix  

Gifts from Guys to Girls //
VS undies (don’t be creative, just get black and sexy.) 

concert tix to a band she loves 

photo album of your memories 

surprise trip 

a NICE, sexy perfume (aka Y’ves Saint Laurent Black Opium) 

make her something (house decor wise?)

a nice silk black robe

copper mule mugs 

anything customized to her 

a NICE makeup brush set 

a polaroid camera 

a record player & some vinyls 

a romantic cabin trip or a surprise her with her group of friends

reserve a New Year’s eve spot for your and her friends

VS lingerie or the Santa skirt and bra (I had to chuckle when I wrote this one)

jewelry is a little overrated… in MY opinion. and it’s too much pressure on guys. get her a gift card to get her hair or nails done instead. or shit, just buy her a puppy or a car. she’ll like those better 

tickets to a music festival together 

Gifts from Girls to Guys //
his fav band concert tix

tix to his fav team’s game 

a nice pair of boots 

a nice leather/ bomber jacket 

funny boxers from American Eagle 

a beer bottle cap shadow box

golf clubs 

fishing pole

a gun he’s interested in 


apple watch 

nice headphones 

a nice bag to carry his products and toiletries in

good cigars 

a record player and some vinyls 

car wash membership 

take HIM out to a nice dinner 

a good whiskey/bourbon that he likes (some places will let you engrave the bottles) 

a package to drive exotic cars 

remote start for car 

tickets to a music festival together 

a GoPro

nice leather gloves 

Gifts for your best girl friends //


hair products 

trendy bomber jacket 

comfy pjs 

gift cards to their fav store 

gift cards for homer decor 

her fav alcohol & mixer 

nice wine glasses 

a great pair of sunglasses 

a good brand wallet/ purse 

a fuzzy throw blanket 

a 2017 calendar planner 

cute workout clothes 

a selfie light 

something that YOU have that THEY love 

lots of wine 

mine wine bottles 

more wine 

oh, and some wine 

candles from Bath & Body Works (pumpkin peacan waffles is the best, btw…)

pedicure gift cards so you can go together 

One of the best gifts: 
QUESO. or the 3 flavored popcorn bowls. 


Do something that involves you spending time with each other. Take your bf, gf, best friend, mom, dad, dog whatever to a nice dinner, to see Christmas lights at Opry or Cheekwood, go to the Escape Game, Lazertag, go race go carts, plan a trip together, make plans for new years or even give them coupon vouchers for “free back massage” or “movies and ice cream on me” etc… SPEND TIME TOGETHER! That’s more of what the holidays are about. LOVE each other man. 

and Have a very Merry Christmas! 

Gettin’ Grungy


I’m gonna show you how to get grunge… on the CHEAP. $$

So, it’s undeniable that the grungy fashion has made it’s way back in style. Even the girliest of girls can rock a band T, right? (…just make sure you know what you’re talking about when someone asks you about the band you’re wearing.)  Personally, I’ve always had a grunge style to me. Just ask my family… the days of my jet black hair, caked on eyeliner, scream-o and punk music. Oh yeah, it was a pretty long phase I went through. And fortunately, I grew up listening to a lot of hard rock and classic rock with my dad, so my musical influence was always on point. That’s why when I go out and get band T-shirts, I buy from the bands I actually enjoy listening to. Recently, I bought a Queen and Guns N Roses shirt, because my dad and I listened to them all the time while I was growing up. Also, Freddie Mercury is the shit and he’s always my answer to, “If you could meet one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?” …Freddie, duh. 

Here’s the thing though… when you go to concerts, their merch is super pricey. And when you go to the mall to Urban or Forever or even H&M, those T-shirts can be expensive. Now, if you find one that you absolutely can’t live without, buy it. BUT… I recommend doing it the cheap way. I buy most of my T-shirts online from Amazon, find them at Goodwill, or run into Hot Topic because they always have a ton of band T’s and usually have a deal going on.

I like to wear my T’s as crops or oversized shirts with boots (or platforms if you’re feeling funky). If you’re wanting a crop top, order or purchase a Small, tie a knot in the front and call it a day. If you’re wanting the more current trend, just buy a Large or XL and wear a pair of shorts underneath.

Start out small; don’t go full-blown grunge on a night out with your friends and they don’t even recognize you… Start with a band T as a “going out” look. Wear it with denim jeans, black high-waisted pants or even a maxi skirt. Rock it with a pair of black boots and curl your hair with some messy texture. Then, you can slowly add on:

Add fishnets // like my last couple posts, they are HUGE right now. Don’t pay $15 for them at a retail store. Get them off of Amazon.

Thigh high boots // now, this is what I would splurge on! I get my thigh-highs from They have so many to chose from. Even Forever 21 has some to offer. Don’t spend over $60, and make sure you can walk comfortably in them. (a thick heel is better than a stiletto…)

Chokers // super popular right now. Forever 21 has thousands…and they’re CHEAP. Don’t blow money on something so simple. Did you not see the girl that rocked a Nike shoelace around her neck and she got so many compliments? Hell, just do it.

Distressed Denim Jacket // since it’s now balls cold outside, you’ll need a jacket. My personal preference is a denim jacket. They block out the wind and you look cute while doing it. I got my current favorite, surprise surprise, at Forever 21. You can also get a bomber jacket, because they are hella cute and I’ll be making a post soon about that as well.

Makeup & Hair // yes, you can grunge this up as well, just don’t go goth with it… middle parts are more grunge; 90’s style, duh. Don’t make every curl perfect, just throw in some low, loose waves with a think curling wand and rough it up and tousle it with your fingers and some spray. Makeup wise: don’t do a super dark eye paired with a super dark lip paired with a grunge outfit. NO. Too much… Go for one or the other. Dark eyes — more natural lip … dark lip — more natural eye makeup.

Get yo’ grunge on, gurl.

Comment below with any questions!

4 Ways to Fishnet // Pt. 4!

4th and final look inspo to rock some fishnet with your favorite ‘fits! Well, it’s not really the last way… there’s tons of ways to wear them. With this particular look, I paired them with a thick, flared sleeve sweater I got from forever 21. It’s so comfy! and I decided on shorts to show off the fishnets, but since it’s getting colder, wear them with some ripped denim and booties. 
Fashion is getting super grungy right now and I’m so totally on board with it. I love being able to dress like a punk, listen to some metal, but fix up my hair and makeup just to confuse people of who I really am… guess we may never know! My style changes all the time! Stay tuned for some new looks to come. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Golden Flared-sleeve Sweater || Black Denim Shorts ||  OTK Boots (on sale!)