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Hey everyone! 
Specifically shouting out to all my LADIES! Who doesn’t love some awesome, trendy jewelry pieces?! I know I do! And jewelry that’s unique and custom made? Even better. 
Take a minute to check out my girl @thegypsyfawn on Instagram and The Gypsy Fawn on Etsy! 

She has the most incredible necklaces, earrings and everything to fit your fancy! Like these cacti earrings, bull skull necklace, arrowheads, crystals and much more! I’m so obsessed with these pieces that I just got and can’t wait to rock all of them! 
Check her stuff out now! Happy Wednesday!! 

Black on Black on Blonde

All Photos // Power and Influence Photography

How did distressing your clothes go? Good, bad or otherwise? Hey, you never know until you try. Here I’m rocking one of my dad’s old AC/DC shirts that I cropped and chopped holes in. I made this look a little grungy because that’s how I felt that day. I also would wear it with jeans and a cardigan or with some over the knee boots! 

Remember, if you ever can’t decide what to wear, ALL BLACK ALWAYS WORKS! 

I’m also glad that this park let me crash and snap some photos, although I had to dodge all of the people jogging and sprinting by…. but didn’t these turn out amazing? Tyrone is my favorite photographer in Nashville! He is amazing, so if you have any photo needs, he’s your guy! I’ve posted his link above. 

Luckily I’ve gotten a couple nice days in Nashville lately that I could spend outside brunching, day drinking or just hanging out. But apparently it’s supposed to snow this weekend? Our weather can NEVER make up it’s mind… I should make a post about what to do while it’s cold, but honestly I don’t like getting out in it and I’d rather cuddle and hang with my dog.
So we’ll all just have to hold on and keep anticipating Spring to come along and the warm weather stay for good! I’ve got a lot coming up that I can’t wait to share! 
Ps // Happy International Women’s Day! Take time to think about a woman that inspires you and how you inspire yourself! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

DIY Distress Your Clothes

What’s up guys? 

So everyone’s been digging ripped and distressed clothes for a while now. That’s also a reason why every store is charging so much for this stuff. Why not just do it yourself? I’ve been distressing my own clothes for years now. It’s so easy! 

I’ll give you two examples of super simple ideas to try: 


Cutting holes in the knees: 

– cut a small slit in the middle of your knee (keep your jeans on) then take with your fingers on the top and bottom of the slit, pull and rip. Voila!
Cut the holes in the pockets: 

– easy, just carefully cut out above your pockets. (make sure that these are high waisted pants) 


So I have a ton of old tshirts or shirts that are a little too big for me. 
– I cut small holes randomly around the collar bone and bottom sides of the shirt. Just don’t accidentally cut it over your boob or something. 
– I use one sharp side of my scissors and cut around the bottom to crop the shirt. You can rip it as well, but be careful because your rip line may start to tear up or down. 

I’ve done this with my dads shirts, old shirts of mine and even new shirts I just bought! And I’m a creative person, so I prefer all of my jeans to be ripped in some sort of way. 
Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with it! 

Nashville’s Current Hot Spots

Nashville is growing super fast, like, insanely fast. I’ve lived here my entire life and so much has changed! But in a good way, for sure. There is so much more to do here! New spots keep popping up just about every month it seems. So, I’m going to keep you in the loop on the latest hot spots: 


Kung Fu Saloon is located on Midtown and is one of the hottest places to be on the weekends. Is has a variety of games to play! Skeeball, shuffleboard, fooseball, pacman, mariokart, ping pong, giant jenga and connect 4 and many more arcade games. It’s huge patio allows way more room to hang and drink with friends. They have killer music and actually very good food as well! The line is a little long because it’s new and busy, so be prepared. If you’re with a group, have a couple people stand in line while other go get a drink at Rebar next door, then switch! 


Crazy Town is a relatively new multi-story bar located right on Broadway. Each floor offers a different vibe and experience. Their rooftop is partially covered which is convenient for weather purposes, and offers a cool view of the strip! 


The Valentine is right next door to Crazytown, making is easy to hop across to either throughout the night. It also has a rooftop with stunning views of the Broadway strip, great drinks and music that will definitely make you want to dance! 


Famous Saloon is one of the newest rooftop attractions of Nashville. Located on lower broadway across from Acme (a popular hangout spot) and next to the Hard Rock Cafe. This spot is convenient for drinks before a Titans game, a concert at the Ascend Ampitheater, or just a night on the town! 


Old Glory is such a neat spot. It’s speakeasy vibes are actually hard to miss. Seriously. There’s no sign and you have to enter through the back door! It’s located next to Taco Mamacita in Edgehill area (South Nash). Grab some tacos there, then head around back for some killer cocktails! 


Urban Cowboy BNB is a super cool and trendy spot to stay at in Nashville. They have also recently opened a public bar on the side! They serve awesome cocktails and food. It’s a nice place to chill and hang with friends while enjoying the cool vibe! 

Get out this weekend and try out a new place! 

Vday Baby! 

Hey guys! 

It’s that time of year again: Single Awareness Day! ….er I mean, Valentine’s Day! 

There is always SO much stress put on to Vday. I mean, you should love your significant other just as much every other day, but this day is the day to get them gifts to show your love and appreciation for them. And above all, it’s just tradition and a holiday, so we might as well partake and enjoy it! As I did last year, I’ll share some helpful tips on how to score this Vday: 

First things first — 
• If your girl says she doesn’t like flowers… she’s lying. EVERY girl will appreciate getting flowers. Especially if you send them to her workplace so show off in front of her coworkers. Bonus points! Find a cheap place that delivers flowers, get a dozen red roses and boom. Done. 
• OR, get her a plant that will last. Like a succulent or a cactus. 

• Now, if she tells you that she’d RATHER have chocolate than flowers? Then she’s telling the truth. If you showed up at my door with an Edible Arrangment or any kind of chocolate covered fruit, I would be ecstatic. (If you’re on a budget, buy strawberries and chocolate fruit dip at Kroger and make them together!)
• Next, stop playing modest and go get some lingerie. Victoria Secret will never fail you. If you pick out something that YOU like, she will be more willing to wear it for your enjoyment. If you totally can’t wrap your head around doing it, buy her a $50-$100 gift card and you all can go together to pick something out. (budget: go to to pick out something on the cheap)

• Search for events happening on Vday. Concerts, comedy shows, Theater performances, arts & crafts, dancing, etc… You’ll seem creative and adventurous. 

• Speaking of adventurous, BOOK A TRIP TOGETHER! That is one heck of a gift. Book a short cruise, they’re really not that expensive. Take a trip somewhere close by-ish at a cabin or beach, whichever is closer to you. Rent a local Airbnb or fancy hotel room for the night.

• Get her a subscription – for example:
Her fav magazine

Tanning membership 

Birchbox (rando products and things)

Bootay Bag (monthly undies / Instagram: bootaybag_) 

Not necessarily a subscription, but a massage or facial package


• Some of the above can be for both. 
• Get him tickets to his fav sports team
• Buy him his favorite candy but don’t you dare get him a teddy bear to go with it….

• A massage or couple’s massage 
• a nice  watch, suit, tie, jacket or shoes he’s been wanting 
• lottery tickets 
• book a trip for Him! 
• surprise him with YOUR choice of lingerie. He’s going to love it no matter what. 

• Get him his fav alcohol and mixer, decorate it if you wish. (Pinterest has some good ideas) 
• Get him a box of chocolates, eat the chocolates, then fill the box with mini alcohol bottles 
• Get him a virtual reality set 
• A beer cap collector shadow box 
• Vday boxers from Target of American Eagle 
• take him to a brewery and let him take samples or do a tour 

Other than your birthday suit… Here’s some places to shop: 
• Forever 21 

• H&M

• Express 

• Blush Boutique 

• Windsor 

• Ross! (super cheap but great dress selection) 

• TJMaxx 

• super cheap and quick? Amazon Prime. 


• Follow @bybrookelle on Instagram and check out her makeup looks. She is Amazeballs. 

• Try a sultry dark lip this vday, and go softer on the eyes with some false lashes to play them up. It makes you look mysterious and seductive. 

• You can stick with a classic red lip, just make sure it’s more of a crimson or wine red rather than fire engine red 


• treat yo’ self 

• buy bubble bath soaps or bath bombs 

• get your fav wine or drink 

• buy your own damn chocolates or ice cream 

• make your dog/cat your valentine 

• go to Target and buy little knick knacks from the dollar isle 

• redecorate. that always makes me happy

• cook yourself a great meal or order takeout 

• binge watch netflix 

• spend time with another single friend of yours

• DONT go on a Tinder date

• delete your Tinder anyway 

Regardless, it’s just a Tuesday. Make it fun or just chill out! My dog and I are gonna eat Chinese takeout and binge watch netflix and we’re going to love every minute of it. Happy Vday! 

What’s Fab For February 

Fashion // 

Hair // 

Makeup // 

Gotta keep motivated and inspired!! I’m in LOVE with these looks! 

Try something new this month! A new makeup look, a new outfit trend or a new hairstyle. Maybe even some new decor to spice up your life a little. Have more fun with your style! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Pretty Woman gone Grunge

All Photos // Power and Influence Photography 

Alright, let’s not act like you’re not obsessed with OTK boots (over the knee) and don’t know how to wear them without looking like a skank. ( We’ve all seen Pretty Woman… ) Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you. 
At first it’s going to be tough because the first time you ever wear them you’ll feel weird about it. But, you’ve got to get some confidence going with them. And TRUST ME, you’ll get compliments fo sho! 

So let’s go through some options, shall we? 
• Cute top // jeans // OTK boots over the jeans 
• bodycon dress // OTK boots // leather jacket 
• long t shirt or sweater // tights // OTK boots 
• romper // cardigan // OTK boots
• sweater // shorts // tights // OTK boots

Best places to get OTK boots: 
• Agaci’s shoe store (“O” Shoes) 

• Windsor


• Forever 21 

• Belk 

• Off Broadway 


• Steve Madden 

• Shii by Journeys 

If you’re wanting any of my gems from my photos check out these links! 

Led Zep Bomber Jacket // Black Romper // OTK distressed boots

Happy Friday!