Let’s Get Cheeky!

Hey guys! 
I want to talk to everyone today about an AMAZING deal and lovely little monthly gift! 
I stumbled upon this adorable company called Bootay Bag! (@bootay_bag on instagram) 
They offer a plan where you receive 2 pair of undies EVERY month for a YEAR! How awesome is that?! We all know that your undies go through wear and tear. Literally! No guy or bff wants to see your old, holy undies… So here’s an idea: get a Bootay Bag membership! It’s also a great gift idea for your girlfriend/wife! You can choose whatever style you like, or mix it up every time! It’s customized to your size and preference. I mean, how cute are these?! 
They’re so comfy, and I LOVE the lace detail. I’m an all black and lace type of girl, but I also love this little baby blue gem I got as well! I’m all about lounging around in a big comfy sweater with my fav pair of undies, snuggling up to my dog or boyfriend, so this deal is perfect for me. Almost like a little xmas gift to me but I get it every month! 
Check them out today! 
Bootaybag.com ❤

xx // ps 

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