DIY Distress Your Clothes

What’s up guys? 

So everyone’s been digging ripped and distressed clothes for a while now. That’s also a reason why every store is charging so much for this stuff. Why not just do it yourself? I’ve been distressing my own clothes for years now. It’s so easy! 

I’ll give you two examples of super simple ideas to try: 


Cutting holes in the knees: 

– cut a small slit in the middle of your knee (keep your jeans on) then take with your fingers on the top and bottom of the slit, pull and rip. Voila!
Cut the holes in the pockets: 

– easy, just carefully cut out above your pockets. (make sure that these are high waisted pants) 


So I have a ton of old tshirts or shirts that are a little too big for me. 
– I cut small holes randomly around the collar bone and bottom sides of the shirt. Just don’t accidentally cut it over your boob or something. 
– I use one sharp side of my scissors and cut around the bottom to crop the shirt. You can rip it as well, but be careful because your rip line may start to tear up or down. 

I’ve done this with my dads shirts, old shirts of mine and even new shirts I just bought! And I’m a creative person, so I prefer all of my jeans to be ripped in some sort of way. 
Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with it! 

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