Arm the Animals 

Hey guys! 
So I want to give a little shoutout to this awesome company called Arm the Animals. They help to raise awareness and raise funds to support animal rescue! Which has recently become very important and relevant to me since I recently rescued my beautiful husky/lab, Luna, from the Metro Animal Shelter in Nashville. At first, it was a struggle for Luna to get accustomed to a new home and new environment, but she’s been getting better and better every day. I knew it would also be a big adjustment for myself, as well, but it has all been so worth it. I love my little Luna tuna head with all my heart and I can’t imagine being without her! 

Arm the Animals has amazing t shirts, tanks and hoodies that are SO comfy and stylish! I especially love my PBR tank (pits blue ribbon) and I would wear it anywhere! Make sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram! 
@armtheanimals //

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