New Year, New Resolutions

Cheers to the new year! I’m not going to say that “this is MY year” or ” new year, new me” because let’s face it, neither of those are true or will happen. I’m just trying to check myself, treat myself and take care of myself. Check myself, being the things that I want to do or be better at. Treat myself, meaning doing the things that make ME happy. Then taking care of myself, meaning having a hot bod for ME and for no one else. There’s also a couple more New Years Resolutions that I want to take care of though:
• clean my freaking bedroom 

• wake up on the first alarm 

• take care of my body (get a bombass ass) 

• treat myself 

• do whatever the hell makes me happy 

• get motivated 

• stop online shopping so much 

• drink more water 

• travel as much as possible. even little weekend trips 

• find a travel buddy 

• take a trip for my bday! (coming soon)

• make new friends 

• somehow save more money so I can freaking buy my own house

• find ways to be more social 


• hide all of the chocolate around my place 

• cure my dog’s separation anxiety 

• not have tension/anger toward anyone 

• stop giving too much to not get it in return 

• stop buying everything copper just bc its copper 

• read more books 

• make baller summer plans 

• clean the dust off my ceiling fan 

• acquire a taste for whiskey 

• continue inspiring myself and my clients 

• work on my road rage 

• maybe not eat as much ramen noodles as I do 

• go to as many music festivals as possible 

• just have a freaking amazing life. because why not? 
I like to consider these as goals rather than resolutions. I work harder toward goals than resolutions, anyway. Enjoy this new year, peeps. Cheers! 

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