All Things NYE!

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Alright, so with as much as 2016 sucked (…I mean for me it kinda did) we need to go out with a bang for this New Year’s Eve. 

As I get older, I keep running out of events to dress up for. No more proms or formals or whatever. This year, all I had was my company Christmas party and will have NYE. 

But what you’re probably wondering is what do I wear? What style do I choose to go with? Well let’s get a couple things straight: EVERY GIRL will ALWAYS want to wear sequins/sparkles/shimmery things on NYE. Always, there’s no question about it. And that’s OK! It’s hard to be a leader rather than a follower on this particular holiday. Also, if all else fails you can always rely on an LBD (little black dress). But, there are ways to change it up a little bit. 

Try Velvet // red velvet, blue velvet, green velvet. It doesn’t matter. I wore a red velvet dress to my Christmas party and got SO many compliments. 

Get some faux fur // let’s be real, it’s probably going to be freezing that night. Rock a faux fur jacket in cream, gray or blush with all black underneath, pants top and shoes. 

Get some statement shoes // you can always find sparkly shoes. Or get something trendy like the new see-through booties or thigh-high boots. 

Get on Pinterest and check out “New Years Eve outfits” and “NYE makeup”. Rock those sequins, darken that makeup and go have a blast! 

Now the bigger question…. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I’ll help ya. 
• go to your fav bar and get HAMMERED. just don’t get kicked out before midnight, seriously. 

• go to a smaller, more eclectic bar for a more classy, chill loungy environment. you won’t be as closterphobic. 

• find a cool rooftop downtown and make a reservation to hang there for the night with a great view of the city. 

• reserve an Airbnb for the night with a group of your besties 

• or get a fancy hotel room with room service 

• take a trip and do something different for a change! go to a different city to celebrate

• or lay at home in your pjs with your bf or bff and eat popcorn and pop some champagne 

And here’s some general hot tips: 

• most places are going to have a cover charge or require reservation 

• Ubers are very expensive this night. Last year we had a $200 uber fare. It was crazy but hey, it’s cheaper than a DUI. Just make sure you’ve got some mula saved up for whatever you do $$$

• girls, DONT wear hella uncomfortable heels. you are going to be so pissed at yourself. 

• don’t kiss a random stranger just because you don’t have a “New Years kiss”… unless they’re hot… you know what, no just don’t. and don’t kiss your best straight guy friend because it will just f*ck things up. 

• if you’re really cool and have multiple events you’ve been invited to, chose the one with the BEST people that yore going to have the most FUN with. if you love your best friend Becky buts she’s lame AF, don’t go. if you love/like some dude but want to go hoe it out with your girlfriends, go do that. they’ll figure something out. it’s your life, go live it up while you’re still young! 

• stick with ONE kind of alcohol. you don’t want to be so insanely miserably hungover on New Year’s Day with your family. personally, I’m a tequila drinker. But, I’ll most likely drink champagne this year because that makes me a happy drunk without taking my clothes off and dancing on tables. I’ll be wearing a dress, so that wouldn’t be very classy of me. 

But hey, all that matters is that you have FUN! and be safe but mostly have fun. 

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