Ultimate Gift Guide 2016

Ho ho holy crap, it’s almost Christmas! Have you done all of your shopping yet? Well, if you’re looking for some gift ideas, you came to the right site. I’ve got all kinds of little to big gift options that i’ve been brainstorming: 
Small gifts- Stocking stuffers //
Don’t just get gum and candy.. get:

gift cards

car air fresheners (Bath&BodyWorks)

concert tickets 

fuzzy socks 

no-crease ponytail holders 

mini alcohol bottles 

a fav movie & popcorn 

a good book 

bath bombs 

face masks 

specialty teas

mini perfume bottle 



razors! ( those are expensive lol)

coffe K cups 

hot cocoa mix  

Gifts from Guys to Girls //
VS undies (don’t be creative, just get black and sexy.) 

concert tix to a band she loves 

photo album of your memories 

surprise trip 

a NICE, sexy perfume (aka Y’ves Saint Laurent Black Opium) 

make her something (house decor wise?)

a nice silk black robe

copper mule mugs 

anything customized to her 

a NICE makeup brush set 

a polaroid camera 

a record player & some vinyls 

a romantic cabin trip or a surprise her with her group of friends

reserve a New Year’s eve spot for your and her friends

VS lingerie or the Santa skirt and bra (I had to chuckle when I wrote this one)

jewelry is a little overrated… in MY opinion. and it’s too much pressure on guys. get her a gift card to get her hair or nails done instead. or shit, just buy her a puppy or a car. she’ll like those better 

tickets to a music festival together 

Gifts from Girls to Guys //
his fav band concert tix

tix to his fav team’s game 

a nice pair of boots 

a nice leather/ bomber jacket 

funny boxers from American Eagle 

a beer bottle cap shadow box

golf clubs 

fishing pole

a gun he’s interested in 


apple watch 

nice headphones 

a nice bag to carry his products and toiletries in

good cigars 

a record player and some vinyls 

car wash membership 

take HIM out to a nice dinner 

a good whiskey/bourbon that he likes (some places will let you engrave the bottles) 

a package to drive exotic cars 

remote start for car 

tickets to a music festival together 

a GoPro

nice leather gloves 

Gifts for your best girl friends //


hair products 

trendy bomber jacket 

comfy pjs 

gift cards to their fav store 

gift cards for homer decor 

her fav alcohol & mixer 

nice wine glasses 

a great pair of sunglasses 

a good brand wallet/ purse 

a fuzzy throw blanket 

a 2017 calendar planner 

cute workout clothes 

a selfie light 

something that YOU have that THEY love 

lots of wine 

mine wine bottles 

more wine 

oh, and some wine 

candles from Bath & Body Works (pumpkin peacan waffles is the best, btw…)

pedicure gift cards so you can go together 

One of the best gifts: 
QUESO. or the 3 flavored popcorn bowls. 


Do something that involves you spending time with each other. Take your bf, gf, best friend, mom, dad, dog whatever to a nice dinner, to see Christmas lights at Opry or Cheekwood, go to the Escape Game, Lazertag, go race go carts, plan a trip together, make plans for new years or even give them coupon vouchers for “free back massage” or “movies and ice cream on me” etc… SPEND TIME TOGETHER! That’s more of what the holidays are about. LOVE each other man. 

and Have a very Merry Christmas! 

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