Gettin’ Grungy


I’m gonna show you how to get grunge… on the CHEAP. $$

So, it’s undeniable that the grungy fashion has made it’s way back in style. Even the girliest of girls can rock a band T, right? (…just make sure you know what you’re talking about when someone asks you about the band you’re wearing.)  Personally, I’ve always had a grunge style to me. Just ask my family… the days of my jet black hair, caked on eyeliner, scream-o and punk music. Oh yeah, it was a pretty long phase I went through. And fortunately, I grew up listening to a lot of hard rock and classic rock with my dad, so my musical influence was always on point. That’s why when I go out and get band T-shirts, I buy from the bands I actually enjoy listening to. Recently, I bought a Queen and Guns N Roses shirt, because my dad and I listened to them all the time while I was growing up. Also, Freddie Mercury is the shit and he’s always my answer to, “If you could meet one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?” …Freddie, duh. 

Here’s the thing though… when you go to concerts, their merch is super pricey. And when you go to the mall to Urban or Forever or even H&M, those T-shirts can be expensive. Now, if you find one that you absolutely can’t live without, buy it. BUT… I recommend doing it the cheap way. I buy most of my T-shirts online from Amazon, find them at Goodwill, or run into Hot Topic because they always have a ton of band T’s and usually have a deal going on.

I like to wear my T’s as crops or oversized shirts with boots (or platforms if you’re feeling funky). If you’re wanting a crop top, order or purchase a Small, tie a knot in the front and call it a day. If you’re wanting the more current trend, just buy a Large or XL and wear a pair of shorts underneath.

Start out small; don’t go full-blown grunge on a night out with your friends and they don’t even recognize you… Start with a band T as a “going out” look. Wear it with denim jeans, black high-waisted pants or even a maxi skirt. Rock it with a pair of black boots and curl your hair with some messy texture. Then, you can slowly add on:

Add fishnets // like my last couple posts, they are HUGE right now. Don’t pay $15 for them at a retail store. Get them off of Amazon.

Thigh high boots // now, this is what I would splurge on! I get my thigh-highs from They have so many to chose from. Even Forever 21 has some to offer. Don’t spend over $60, and make sure you can walk comfortably in them. (a thick heel is better than a stiletto…)

Chokers // super popular right now. Forever 21 has thousands…and they’re CHEAP. Don’t blow money on something so simple. Did you not see the girl that rocked a Nike shoelace around her neck and she got so many compliments? Hell, just do it.

Distressed Denim Jacket // since it’s now balls cold outside, you’ll need a jacket. My personal preference is a denim jacket. They block out the wind and you look cute while doing it. I got my current favorite, surprise surprise, at Forever 21. You can also get a bomber jacket, because they are hella cute and I’ll be making a post soon about that as well.

Makeup & Hair // yes, you can grunge this up as well, just don’t go goth with it… middle parts are more grunge; 90’s style, duh. Don’t make every curl perfect, just throw in some low, loose waves with a think curling wand and rough it up and tousle it with your fingers and some spray. Makeup wise: don’t do a super dark eye paired with a super dark lip paired with a grunge outfit. NO. Too much… Go for one or the other. Dark eyes — more natural lip … dark lip — more natural eye makeup.

Get yo’ grunge on, gurl.

Comment below with any questions!

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