4 Ways to Fishnet // Pt. 2 & 3

Alright, alright, alrighhhttt. It’s time for Pt. 2 of your 4 ways to Fishnet! and the selected outfit for this week will be….. Band T’s and Demin jackets!! Hallelujah, I can walk around in my band T’s and it finally look fashionable instead of too-casual! Obviously, I’ve decided to spice it up with my fishnets and thigh-highs! You don’t have to wear thigh-highs with the fishnets, but when you do, it only gives your audience a little taste of the fishnets, rather than the whole treat… As you’ll see, thigh-high boots will win over on most of these posts, except for one! (which you’ll see…stay tuned!) 

Rock any band T you want. It’s YOUR choice! Most stores are starting to carry band T’s, like Forever 21, H&M, Urban, etc… just make sure to get a t-shirt of a band that you are ACTUALLY familiar with. Or get one and definitely familiarize yourself with them. Nothing looks more stupid than a 14 year old girl wearing a Nirvana shirt that they’ve probably never even heard of…. just don’t be that person. Or, if you’re like me, purchase a shirt from a concert of a band that you see from now on. That will keep you stocked on bands that you actually enjoy listening to. 

Now let’s move on to denim. I LOVE DENIM. Jackets, boyfriend jeans, everything! I’ve become borderline obsessed. And, denim jackets are great for colder months because they actually block out more wind. You’re welcome. But anyway, I’m stoked about them. Especially the over-sized or distressed ones. I got this beaut from Forever 21, but you could honestly probably get lucky at Goodwill finding one… it’s comfortable and you can almost wear one with any outfit. Dressed up or dressed down. Get creative with it! 

Another way to switch up this look is wearing my your fav band T, with denim distressed jeans, and wearing the fishnets to peek through underneath!! Say hello to my beautiful model and younger sis, Madelyn, who’s rocking this look paired with some platform booties. If it’s cold, add a leather jacket and a beanie. Just don’t go denim on denim unless you really know what you’re doing… 

Rock dat fishnet, gurrrrl. 

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