4 Ways to Fishnet


Hey hey heyyyyyy.


Alright, so I took a little hiatus because I was feeling super unmotivated and blah blah blah. I may have also spilt a little water on my laptop and it’s now punishing me in return by taking forever and 3 years to do anything… but anyway, I’ve been trying to find more inspiration lately. I don’t want the Fall fashion trends to look the same as they do every year. Boots, sweaters, cardigans, *yawn* … why not spice it up a little bit? One trend that I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with is… drumroll please…. FISHNET! Bring it on back, because we know that every girl only wears them on Halloween with their sexy costumes but no other time throughout the year. Now, I’m not saying go all full-skank on your fashion choices, but it adds a little umph to you’re everyday style!

Now, I’m going to sub-divide this trend into 4 different posts, so that you can really take in all of the bomb ass outfit advice I’m gonna give you without taking forever to read it all.

FIRST OFF: We have our lovely fishnet tights paired with one of my favorite grungy, oversized flannels, shorts (which you prob can’t see but I’m wearing them!) and my thigh-high boots! Use any oversized flannel or t-shirt for this look. If it’s not long enough to be considered a dress, please for the love of God wear something underneath… Also, thigh high boots are popping up just about everywhere.

I’ll give you a couple ideas below:

Oversized Flannel // Urban Outfitters

Fishnet tights // just get some off Amazon

Thigh-high Boots // GoJane


Your first look on becoming the grunge babe you’ve always wanted to be. Stay tuned for more!

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