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Hey guys! So, I wanted to share with you guys my crazy weekend adventures. I’ve been dying to get out of town for a while and have a relaxing weekend away from my every day busy life. My sister, whom recently got married and is a full time pharmacist, needed some free time away as well. We had it all planned out: the trip, the restaurants, the shopping, the bars, the coffee, the beach and all things Charleston, SC. Well, as most of you know, Hurricane Matthew was to be expected to hit Charleston this very same weekend. So, two days before our trip, they announced to evacuate everyone from Charleston, including the owners of the Airbnb that we had intended to stay in.
Now, it’s hard for me to ask off time away from work, but it’s even harder for my sister. And the last thing I wanted to do was sit at home all weekend when I had intended on a weekend out of town. So after countless amounts of research on different cities (not being hit by the hurricane) or places that we could go to, we decided on Destin, FL. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to the beach? Long drive for us, living in Nashville, but worth it. The gulf was not affected by the storm, thankfully, and had the most beautiful weather. We rented an adorable little condo right off the beach. I graciously gave my sister the full bed and I myself took the bunk bed. We soaked up some rays, forgot to make a sand castle, went to some killer restaurants and did some damage while shopping. It was a perfect little weekend getaway! And my sister and I travel well together… except for me oversleeping 2 hours after we were supposed to leave. But, overall it was such a great trip and we did not endure a hurricane. Can’t wait for my next adventure!

Where are your favorite weekend getaways? Let me know!





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