Beauty Secrets Revealed!

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So I’m not quite sure why I haven’t done this yet, but I figured that I would update everyone on some amazing products that I’ve been using that have been saving my life! I don’t spend a crap ton of money to get the best of the best quality stuff, but I do use things that WORK. If I could walk around every day without any makeup or without doing anything to my hair, I would. But, I work in the beauty industry, so that can’t really happen. So, I’m going to share with you my top BEAUTY SECRETS! Cheap, easy and hella good products: 

1 // Alright, everyone likes Kylie Jenner lips, but if you’re like me, you can’t afford to pay for injections and don’t want to accidentally end up looking like a duck… so I purchased this little tool that enhances my lips just enough without looking like I tried too hard. It’s called Fullips. A little suction cup that you use for about 30 seconds, lip line, lipstick and go. I’m completely in love with it!
To go with the lips, I’ll share some of my favorite lipsticks/liners: 
NYX // Euro Trash Matte Lipstick 

Kat Von D // Bow N Arrow

NYX // lingerie LIPLI 12 Exotic

Youngblood lip liners + chapstick. 

2 // One thing that I have started to splurge on is lash extensions. My lashes are already long-ish, but they grow straight out of my head and I have to curl them and get them out of my eyeballs all day. With extensions, I never have to curl them at all or even wear mascara. it’s amazing and so convenient! I get them done at LW Boutique Salon. 

3 // As for more makeup, this one has been huge for me, my concealer! I used to have terrible acne and the scars left from it has haunted me for years. It completely covers and blemishes I have but still lets me see my freckles. it’s perfect! It’s called Hard Candy – Glamoflauge. It’s also only found at Walmart and for only $6.00!

4 // For my brows, I use Youngblood’s Brow Artist pencil. It goes on lightly so that you can build on it. Get them brows on fleek, ladies! 

5 // My favorite favorite bronzer is the Anastasia bronzer pressed powder pallet. It has options for highlighters and bronzers and is great on my skin! Totally head over heels about it. 

6 // For nails, I shellac my own nails with CND Shellac polish and a curing machine, so I don’t typically get them done because I can do them myself. Holla! 


7 // Now, for hair, I’m a blonde fanatic, so I have to use the best shampoo and conditioner on my hair. I work at a Redken and Pureology salon, and my favorite one to use is Pureology’s Strength Cure. It keeps my hair so soft, shiny and insanely healthy. I also use Redken’s Anti-Snap split end treatment for my raggedy ends that I never cut…

8 // Now, I’ve mentioned this one before, but my perfume…. is definitely the biggest compliment I get. I use Y’ves Saint Laurent Black Opium. It’s dark, tempting and I always get compliments from men on this! They lika da Black Opium.

9 // My tattoos are honestly a big part of me (obviously they are permanent) but they also all have such significant meaning to me. They are a part of what makes me feel beautiful in my own way. I get them done at Safe House Tattoo Studio by Zane Pendergast. He is AMAZING. 

10 // Soaps. I love soaps. I use Philosophy Soaps from Ulta. They have so many yummy scents that I buy multiple and switch them up! It says you can use them for shampoo and a bubble bath, but I wouldn’t recommend using them for shampoo… just enjoy your bubble bath. 

Alrighty, that’s all my secrets for now until I find new gems. Happy Wednesday! 

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