Patterns and Plans 

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It’s finally starting to feel like Fall in Nashville! Which means that this dress isn’t really appropriate, but hey, it was 90° last week and I just wanted to show off these awesome photos from my shoot with Tyrone Easley. I got this dress a little while back at Target, or as I like to say, targé. But, they currently have super comfy long sleeve shirts and sweaters that I may or may not have stocked up on yesterday… My main colors for Fall are black (as always), gray, dark rust orange and sage green. I can’t wait to start wearing cardigans and loose sweaters. I also can’t wait to fulfill my Fall Bucket List plans! …But the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) …count me out, I ain’t that basic. That shit’s too sweet. I’ll take an Octoberfest instead! Here’s my to-do list below, and hopefully it will inspire you to do some of these as well!

Fall Bucket list //

have as many bonfires as possible

make s’mores, duh

try all of the seasonal beers

rent a cabin in the mountains

enjoy a hot tub at that cabin

get drunk with my friends at that cabin

take as many weekend road trips as possible

rent a local AirBnB to see what it has to offer

eat chili until I’m sick of it

bake the Pillsbury sugar cookies with the ghosts on them

consistently light my Bath & Body Works pumpkin pecan waffles candle (dude, it’s amazeballs.)

watch the Nightmare Before Christmas

have a Harry Potter movie marathon

or maybe I’ll agree to a different one

screw scary/bloody movies, I don’t do that crap

have a bomb ass Halloween costume

do something fun for Halloween (haven’t planned that yet…)

go to Six Flags Atlanta for Fright Fest

go to Gentry’s Farm Fall Festival to get my pumpkins

go to a couple different parks or greenways and enjoy the beautiful weather

Well, there ‘ya have it. What are some styles you want to see this Fall? What are your travel plans? What’s on your Fall Bucket List?

Happy Wednesday!


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