Fall Do’s and Dont’s 

With the first official day of Fall coming up tomorrow, I decided to do a little inspo post on all things Fall! I also want to keep everyone in the loop of the trends that will be going on this season. A lot has changed this year, and I’m totally digging it. Autumn has taken on a new perspective. So, I feel that it is my duty to inform you of your Fall Do’s and Dont’s. Now, granted, these are all my opinion and partially based on facts of trends. Just tryin’ to help a girl out:

First off, hair //





I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist, so I always have to keep myself up to date on the hottest looks. Most people have transformed from high maintenance color to softer, more natural lived-in color. And for Fall colors, most people are steering clear of bright reds and coppers. Instead, they’re going for more caramel/beige tones and my newest favorite, rose gold! Rose gold or, in my words “Rose-hold the gold” (the ashier baby pink) are so hot right now! I’ve even recently put some in my own hair.

Makeup //





Like I said before, most people are chilling out and going for a more natural-beauty look. Listen, I don’t always like to go anywhere without makeup up, but there’s ways to look like you’re not so done up while still doing minimal work. Just don’t try so hard. There’s a fine line between an everyday contoured bronze and drag makeup… Here’s your key: brows, lashes and lips are your most important features to focus on. Winged eyeliner used to be my jam, but now I only wear shadow most of the time. Get yourself a nude eyeshadow pallet, a little bronzer and a good lipstick. Voilà!

Nails //


Okay… this one is hard for me because I’m a black on black on black person. But, I love to recommend these colors for others. Bright colors are out, buh-bye! Soft rosey tones and softer gem tones are great for the season. Or if you’re soul is as dark as mine, just paint them black…

Fashion //





I’ll say it again, c a s u a l . Dressing down is the new dressing up. Especially when it starts to get chilly outside, you’ll just want to be comfy. But here are some ways to look comfy without looking homeless. No sweats and Ugg boots, please…. Also, most women are leaning toward shorter boots and booties rather than tall boots. Tall boots make your legs appear shorter, while shorter boots give you legs for days. And the blanket scarves? Don’t jill yourself trying to figure out how to fold that bitch without looking like it swallowed you. Just go with neutral colors, soft and simplistic.

Home Decor //




Don’t go grandma style and decorate every single corner in your entire house in gaudy bright oranges. Please, no. Neutral people, neutral. If you’re not a big decorator, hit up Target’s dollar isle. They have all kinds of cute little knick-knacks for super cheap. Look for the white/peach/light green pumpkins for decor. I always get mine at Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, TN. I like the tiny ones, too, because they’re easier to decorate with. Here’s some ideas!

Happy Fall, y’all!


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