Crazy 4 Cranford

I’m dedicating this blog post to my stunningly beautiful sister and my amazing new brother in celebration of their marriage this past Saturday! Shelby and Adam have a love like no other, and I hope I find one like theirs one day.
The wedding was great, and literally crazy at the same time. Their hashtag for the wedding festivities was #crazy4cranford, and it turned out to be pretty fitting.

We made all of our bridesmaids and the bride gorgeous, drank many mimosas, danced around the immaculate bridal suite, and took what I know will be stunning photos. (I’ll have to share when I receive them from the photographer!) Then, just as the wedding was about to start, here come the dark clouds…. we ended up starting the ceremony a little early to avoid the giant storm a’brewing. The wind was crazy, a tree limb fell and I think something hit me in the back of the head, but nothing was more priceless than that moment. Adam balled his eyes out upon seeing my stunning sis walk down the isle. (also priceless) and just the look in their eyes made every crazy minute so worth it. They were even lucky enough to take photos after the rain had revealed a double rainbow. Rumor has it that it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day… let’s hope so! We then proceeded to dance our pants off at the reception, eat tons of cake and partake in many shots of tequila. We sent them out with sparklers and they lived happily ever after. Well, obviously, because now they’re in St. Lucia for the honeymoon. I can’t wait for them to get back!!

Congrats to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Cranford! Love you both to pieces!


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