Keep Your Confidence

Photo by Reymarkable Photography

You see this face? Some may call it a “resting bitch face” …. and actually they’re correct, it is. I wasn’t intending to appear mean in this particular photoshoot, but confident. A lot of people get that misconstrued. Unfortunately, I’ve had a case of the RBF my entire life, and mostly, I’m not thinking negatively at all. I’m usually just thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch or something…. 
A lot of women deal with this, but there may not be confidence behind it. Almost every woman deals with insecurities or lack of self confidence. It would be strange to find someone that didn’t have a single issue with it… if you’re out there, throw us some tips! 
I’ve even been dealing with some negative aspects of my self confidence lately. No shame. I’m not perfect. Gosh, I’m probably the furthest thing from it! Over the years, I’ve gotten way more comfortable with being myself. And trust me, that took A WHILE. I don’t care to throw on a ton of makeup or dress to impress someone, heck I just dress up for myself if I want to! I have a freaking fashion blog for crying out loud, I have to at least try and not look homeless everyday… I’m also a hairstylist and being in the beauty industry, I have no choice but to fix up every day as well. I’m also way more comfortable with my personality. I’m super sarcastic, not that funny or outgoing, borderline cuss like a sailor, love to go out and party and have a constant RBF. And you know what, I love it. And if someone else doesn’t like it, I really could care less. 
The only issue I’ve had lately is with men… (wah wah wah) **que the tiniest violin. Men are probably the number one reason that women feel insecure. We want you to think that we’re pretty and funny and sexy and blah blah blah. Well, with my experience, I’ve learned that a guy better love me the way I am, appreciate the things I do, and be proud to have me. And if they don’t, boy bye! If I don’t feel right about something, it’s probably not right. And I’m not a girl that believes that I need to be in a relationship at all times. No thank you. I like my independence. Until the right person comes along, I’m doing just fine on my own. 
The tricky part has been dealing with guys in the meantime… like I said a couple posts ago, dating is hard. But, I have found a solution!! A couple girls at my work turned me on to this awesome book. It’s called, “Why Men Love Bitches.” And let me tell you, it’s phenomenal. It’s not referring to a woman as a mean or harsh individual, it refers to a woman that is confident and strong that knows how to stand up for herself and hold her own in a relationship. Whether you can’t get over your ex, you’re way too nice to guys that don’t deserve it, you’re too needy and you always rely on a man to be there, or you’re just like me lately and have been a week bitch and need to get a stronger backbone… You need to read this!! I’m half way through it now and can’t put it down! I have such a newfound sense of confidence about myself, and I’m really excited to start sticking up for myself and realizing that I deserve better. Bring it on, boys. 

Read up! I bought mine here on Amazon. 
Happy Wednesday! 

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