Best of Summer ’16


Man, this Summer’s been one for the books… good and bad, but mostly good. I’ve had tons of fun, spent time with new friends, explored and traveled, danced the nights away, ate my weight in great food, sung my heart out at concerts and festivals, colored my hair purple, wore a morphsuit and high-fived people for hours, dealt with a small heartbreak, got over a couple shitty guys, gained a new sense of confidence, drunkenly danced on top of tables at bars, cried the happiest of tears with my best friends, helped plan my sisters wedding and I still have so much more to come! Summer’s not over until I say it’s over… or at least until it starts feeling like Fall, because then I’ll be a happy camper. Maybe even take some camping trips, have some bonfires, eat a ton of s’mores, carve a pumpkin and do, you know, all the Fall stuff.

Here’s my little reminiscing recap of my beautiful Summer! What were some of your favorite moments?


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