Live on the Green 2016


Hey everyone! So, we’ve already had 2 Live on the Green’s pass so far, which were both amazing! To start it all of, White Denim, Allen Stone and Andra Day preformed and all played awesome sets. This past week, we had JR JR, Passenger and Jenny Lewis serenade us. If you’re a Nashville native and haven’t checked out Live on the Green yet, you’ve got a couple more chances coming up! This Thursday, the 25th, The Record Company, Kurt Vile & The Violators and Dawes will be performing. Not to mention that these concerts are all FREE!

I’ve been attending these festivals for years now, and I’ve learned some great tips on how to have the best LOTG experience:

Get there EARLY // It’s located on the lawn at public square park, just at the end of 2nd Ave. The shows don’t typically start until 6:30, but traffic around nashville at that time is a nasty b!tch. If you get there early enough (let’s say by 5 or 5:30…) try and park in the Gay Street Parking garage. It’s always the cheapest place to park and it’s literally right underneath the park. that way, all you have to do is take an elevator up and you’re there!

What to bring // fold out lawn chairs are a must. most people don’t want to carry them, but if you park in the garage underneath, then it’s a really easy trip to take them up there. Also, you can claim a spot if you want to migrate to check out the vendors, merch or grab some food or drinks. Other things you might want to grab before you leave the house: money, ID, a blanket, an umbrella just incase and your dog.

What to eat & drink // there are tons of food trucks!! You are a crazy person if you can’t find at least one food truck that sounds appetizing to you. Pizza, burgers, grilled cheeses, Noodle bowls, sushi burritos, you name it! If you check out the website you can see what will be there so you can plan ahead. There’s also beer and wine tents located all around, and a Blue Chair Bay Rum tent where you can get some fancy cocktails. Then, finish off with some Jeni’s ice cream after the show!

What to do // Enjoy the music! sit back, relax, have a drink or four, eat some food, pet people’s dogs and just hang out!

Check out the lineup here and I’ll see you on Thursday!


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