Your Ultimate Girls Weekend


So, last weekend was my sister’s only weekend off before her wedding. And, being a pharmacist, she couldn’t work it out with her schedule to hit the road and take a trip. Therefore, we were stuck in Nashville for the weekend. Which, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nashville, but the last thing she wanted to do for her bachelorette was go honky tonking…. and I don’t blame her. That shit gets old real quick when you’ve lived here all of your life. Although, we have planned a trip in October for an epic girls weekend in Charleston, SC! I can’t freaking wait. But, if you’re yearning for some fun things to do for your girls night (or heck, even guys night) then, listen up!

So, with me being the maid of honor, I was in charge of all of the planning for the “epic Nash Bash.” My sis and I have fairly different interests, but I’m the one that typically goes out on weekends and knows the hot spots to be. Like I mentioned earlier, the country bars and honky tonks aren’t that fun to me, and I had to make this weekend super special for her. So, this is what I came up with…


It all started Friday evening // Dinner at Sinema

Sinema is located in South Nash and is absolutely amazing. Whether you’re there for dinner, drinks or both, it’s a killer atmosphere and chill vibe with their upstairs lounge, giant comfy couches and pictures lining the walls of all of my favorite classic rock and blues artists. Eclectic foods and cocktails, but all very, very good. They also have a bathroom downstairs specifically designated for you to take selfies in. Score!

Next, we headed to Pinewood Social for some after-dinner drinks. Another spot to hang at a great atmosphere, get a few strikes in the bowling lanes or grab a cocktail by their pool outside! The bar is huge and the bartenders are super cool. We laughed over some drinks, but unfortunately did not get to bowl. With only 6 lanes, they book up pretty far in advance, FYI…


Saturday // pool party and downtown rendezvous

I live at an apartment complex with a massive and incredible pool, so I hosted our Saturday Funday. We had floral lays, coconut and shell bras, buffalo chicken dip, mimosas, Jell-O shots and drunken gummie bears. What else could you possibly need? Well… sunscreen. Don’t forget that. We partied hard at the pool, took a quick nap then hit the town.
I had heard a lot of chatter about the UP Rooftop Lounge located on top of the Fairfield Marriot in the Gulch area, so we decided to check it out. It’s pretty limited space, but worth it to check out the view of the city. I wouldn’t recommend going if you’re really hungry though, because they have small plates and are pretty pricey. We ended up going to Bar Louie afterward to grub some more…


Then, downtown to Broadway we went!

….big mistake.

Listen, if you’re gonna go to Broadway on a Saturday night, just be prepared. Crazy long wait lines to get into places, drunken people bumping into you, and probably 20+ minutes at the bars waiting on a drink. Not to mention, Nashville is now the number 1 destination for bachelorette parties. So naturally, about 30 parties surrounded us or passed by us while waiting in line. Which made our normal, non-matching t shirts and non-bedazzled cowboy boots clan feel super awkward. But if you’re willing to take the risk, here’s where you should try and go:

Crazy Town or The Valentine // newest rooftop bars on Broadway. Multiple floors of fun, music and dancing.
Acme // older rooftop bar, but still a goodie here and there.
The upstairs room in Tequila Cowboy // might be called Karma? Not sure, but you can let your freak fly up there and dance your little ghetto heart out. One of my all time favorites.

Other than Broadway, here are some places you SHOULD be going to:

Clydes // huge restaurant and bar with ping pong, shuffle board and foosball.
Bastion // eclectic cocktail bar with an addicting Ring on a String game.
Old Glory // chill, dark spot with great drinks.
Rebar // where you’ll typically find me any Friday/ Saturday night. Dancing my pants of by the DJ.
South // they did not kick me out for dancing on top of their tables, so I would recommend them as well.


Hopefully that will lead you in the right direction…

Which leads us to Sunday // Brunch time

So the squad hit up one of the BEST places for brunch, Saint Añejo. 2-for-1 mimosas or sangria, hot chicken and waffles, spicy crab queso and so much more. As always, it was phenomenal. Other brunch places I would recommend:

The Flipside

Bar Louie

Biscuit Love

Mad Donnas



Fenwicks 300

Pinewood Social

First Watch

Five Daughters Bakery (donuts)
…and I could go on and on.

Well, there you have it. That was our weekend and here are some ideas for your upcoming weekend. You’re welcome.


Happy Hump Day!

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