Something up my Sleeve

All photos // Madelyn Starks 

 Sometimes, you just need to go flail around on the top of a parking garage. I’ve been in such a funk lately. Summer’s coming to an end here soon, it’s been hot as balls outside or pouring down rain, school’s back in and traffic sucks, my car has had everything in the book wrong with it and people throughout the week naturally suck anyway. But you know what makes me feel better when I’m in a slump? Going to the mall and spending unnecessary money on clothes and accessories instead of adulting and putting it toward more important things in life. Like, margaritas and queso. Who needs bills, am I right?

Now, I was not happy that I unexpectedly stumbled into the mall over tax-free weekend, but, I instantly got happier when I purchased this shirt. I know that the flared sleeves came into style a while back, but I just could never find one that I liked or thought it complimented me. I FINALLY found this little rusty gem at Forever 21. (no surprise there) They had it in this amazing rust color and in white! But, since I’m clumsy and messy as hell, I decided against the white. Since the shirt has long sleeves, and it’s still as hot and humid as ever, I paired it with my fav thrift shorts and camel booties and wore it out to see Ray LaMontagne at the Ascend Ampitheatre Friday night. Incredible show. If I can’t find a way for him to sing at my wedding someday, heck, I just might not even get hitched. I’ll also be going to rock out and see Boston in concert with my Dad this week! Fingers crossed we don’t get drenched… and you know what? I might just wear this outfit to that, too. No shame. Next week, I’m going to see Blink 182 and I seriously could not be more freaking stoked about that show! This Summer’s been full of great music. PLUS, Live on the Green starts next week as well. Now that’s one thing I can definitely be happy about!

As for what’s up my sleeve… I’ve planned a crazy bachelorette weekend for my older sister. Stay tuned and expect some crazy snapchats! 

Enjoy your week, lovelies!

Bell Sleeve Top || Distressed Denim Shorts (similar) || Camel Booties




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