Cold Shoulder



This is actually an ironic title for a post, because it’s still hot as hell out in Nashville, but I’m rocking a cold shoulder shirt. Technically, it’s a complete open-shoulder shirt, but close enough. Gotta let some breeze flow somewhere. It has been crazy uncomfortable outside lately, but I still managed to enjoy my weekend! Last Friday night, I went to grab dinner and drinks at Clyde’s on Church. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling very confident that day and decided to challenge my friends at ping pong, and definitely got my ass handed to me. At that and shuffleboard afterward… Can’t get too cocky before a game like that, but maybe I’ll get them next time!

On Saturday, I hosted my first bridal shower for my older sister, which I found out that I don’t like hosting parties… It was very overwhelming, but actually turned out amazing! (hint: the giant balloon letters are a hit!) Then, I went to the Ascend Amitheatre downtown to see Gary Clark Jr. shred the guitar like a boss and serenade me with his incredible, bluesy voice. It was an incredible show. Then, I spent Sunday by the pool soaking up some rays. I must say, it was a pretty swell weekend!

Earlier in the week, I spent some time wandering around 12 South with these beautiful blondes. We found this “Pretty as a Picture” phrase in a window and just had to take pictures next to it, of course. If you look close enough in the window, you can see the “I Belive in Nashville” mural; another great photo-op. Usually I like rocking this off-the-shoulder shirt with pants, but I had no choice but to wear shorts with how high the temp was. We spent a little time taking pictures, but then had to run inside Bartaco for some AC and hella good tacos! 

Make sure to hit up both of these places soon, and you’ll have one heck of a weekend! Clyde’s has so many fun games and food/drinks with an awesome atmosphere. If you’re trying to get out, meet some new people or entertain some friends, that’s the place to go right now! Bartaco is one of my favorite taco places with incredible, made from scratch margaritas. (try the fried plantains and the duck taco! you won’t regret it) Also, there’s so many great shows coming up at the Acsend Ampitheatre! In the next couple weeks, I’ll be seeing Ray LaMontagne and Blink 182 there, and I’m freaking stoked. 

What’s in store for my weekend? We’ll never know until it gets here! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Off the Shoulder Top || Distressed Shorts || Faux Leather Booties

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