What Makes You Feel Sexy?



All photos || Madelyn Starks

Hey paisleygang!

We’re about to get real here and talk about what makes you feel SEXY. Yeah, girl, sexy. In fashion sense, that is. Not so much lingerie and what not, which, hell, is always sexy. But, every girl has that one outfit that they feel hot in. Or, it may be multiple, which in that case, even better!

Now, I don’t have any curves nor was I blessed in the chest area, but there are certain articles of clothing or accessories lately that make me feel better in them rather than others. Here’s a few to give you a good idea:

strapless or off-the-shoulder tops // like I’ll always say, ain’t nothing wrong with showing a little skin! I’ve found out over the past year or so that men love to see a little collar bone, clavicle action. It’s not necessarily showing any cleavage, but an elegant part of a woman’s body. Trust me, you’ll be trying to have a convo with them, but their eyes will switch from your eyes to your collar bone multiple times. It gives just a little bit of a tease, but it’s better than your tatas hanging out for all to see… keep it classy, people.

high-waisted pants or shorts // at this point, I don’t think I will ever go back to low-rise pants. It’s funny that people used to make fun of the mom jeans, but who’s laughing now? Their butts looked hella good! And now, so can yours. I tossed all my low-rise a long time ago and solely wear high-waisted everything. 1. great butt, 2. hides food baby. You’re welcome.

booties // not going to lie, I’m also no longer a fan of tall boots. Booties are the thing now! Tall boots hide your legs, booties give you legs for days. Sandals also kind of make me cringe because I hate feet and especially my own…

panama hats // it’s time. It’s time to get over yourself and buy one of these. So many girls think that they don’t look cute in them or can’t pull them off. YES YOU CAN. They are so damn cute on girls (and some guys) and definitely catch some eyes when you walk by. Just don’t wear them on a really windy day. No bueno.

(featured in previous posts) sundresses // get you a little breezy, comfy, colorful sundress and you’ll be turning heads left and right. Everyone loves a woman in a sundress. Just be careful when a big gust of wind blows by on this one too or you’ll be pulling a Marilyn… and it probably won’t be as sexy as her experience.

bummy clothes around the house // sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on. That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong… enough said.

Now, I’ll share with you my number one secret // … get ready… My perfume! I wear Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium. It’s a combo of coffee bean, vanilla and white flowers. I’ve literally never had so many compliments from MEN on this perfume. It blew my mind. Sprits on that collar bone and wrist and werk, girl, werk.

In the words of JT, get your sexy on.

Bandana Bodysuit || Black High-waist Pants || Panama Hat || Camel Booties


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