Sundressed to Impress




With the Summer season officially kicking off, what better way to celebrate it than with a Summer sundress? It’s also hot as hell in Nashville right now, so you kind of have no choice but to wear the least amount of clothing possible without looking trashy. Or do, if that’s your thing. It’s honestly too damn hot to judge at this point. I would walk around in a bathing suit every day if I could, but since that’s not socially acceptable, I’ll just stick with my adorable yellow sundress that I recently got from Forever 21. They have a plethora right now and so does Target! Cheap and easy people, cheap and easy.

You can almost get away with wearing a sundress anywhere or to any occasion. Weddings, work events, shopping sprees, parties, stroll at the park, concerts, dinners, lunches, heck even a breakfast or coffee date. It’s quick, easy and breezy. Also, it helps my legs actually get some sun, because good lord they need it or else I’m blinding people with my ghostliness.

It’s always good to have a couple colorful sundresses and a few solid colors or neutrals. You can easily spice up a sundress with heels for a more formal event, sandals for a more casual scene or rock some Converse with it because you just freaking want to. Do whatever your little heart desires. Me walking in heels is just not a very pretty sight, so I typically go for booties with short dresses, sandals for long dresses.

And don’t be sitting there thinking, “Oh, I just don’t look good in a sundress.” Everyone looks good in a sundress. Guys rap about how much they love it, right? Just make sure that  when you bend over that your butt doesn’t hang out. Actually, they rap about that, too…

I decided to rock this lovely dress at Five Daughters Bakery with my friend and fellow blogger and sundress lover, Shaye. ( check out her blog here! ) We got down on some hella good donuts, or crounut, whichever you’d like to call it. It’s basically like if a donut and a croissant had a baby. And it’s delicious. You’re welcome.

That’s all, folks! Have a happy Wednesday!

Yellow Sundress || Camel Booties


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