Summer Bucket List



How can you plan out a fun Summer without making a Summer Bucket List? You could live life super spontaneously, which is also fun, but if you need a little help with ideas, I’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of my local (Nashville) Summer Bucket List, plus some extra options and ideas to try!

  • have ample lake/pool Sunday Fundays
  • take a hiking trip to Cummins Falls
  • or a hiking trip to Fall Creek Falls
  • roadtrip to Cedar Point theme park in Ohio
  • stay at a local AirBnB (I’m dying to stay at Urban Cowboy)
  • roadtrip to a beach you haven’t been to yet
  • have a picnic at the Parthenon
  • hit up the flea market for some good finds
  • eat in the beer garden at The Pharmacy Burger
  • get a Krispy Kreme donut milkshake from Flip Burger Boutique
  • get chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls from Jackson’s in Hillsboro village
  • pamper yourself and get your hair done (by me…duh)
  • attempt to escape at the Escape Room
  • play lazer tag
  • play Mario Kart (while drinking if you want it to be more fun)
  • make up your own drinking games
  • sing karaoke with friends
  • spend an afternoon at Arrington Vineyards
  • see Blink 182 in concert (I will in August!!!)
  • go to a drive-in movie theater
  • rent a cabin for a Gatlinburg trip
  • spend the day kayaking
  • get a cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM on 12 Ave. South
  • bottomless mimosas at Bar Louie
  • attend a music festival that you’ve never been to!
  • build a badass fort in your house and have a movie marathon
  • get a good view this year for the 4th of July fireworks
  • go to all the local farmers markets
  • attend a “Sips N’ Strokes” type of event
  • go to the Nashville Zoo and see some cool animals
  • attend any Brewery festivals around town
  • catch FREE live music at Live on the Green!!!
  • set up a hammock/Eno in a local park and take a snooze
  • go camping! even if it’s in your own yard
  • have a big cookout with your friends
  • make a slip-n-slide (watch out for sticks and rocks)
  • adopt an animal from a shelter
  • go to the Adventure Science Center
  • catch fireflies
  • go to the Wilson County fair and eat your weight in deep fried foods… (that’s after you ride the rides, of course.)
  • find a skating rink
  • stargaze at Love Circle
  • have a hula hoop contest in Walmart
  • plan a scavenger hunt
  • go skinny-dipping
  • have a paint war or silly string fight
  • or a Nerf Gun war
  • do a run/walk for a cause
  • take as many photo booth pictures as possible
  • get a polaroid camera
  • eat from different Food Trucks
  • make homemade ice cream
  • make new friends!
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • start a garden
  • visit Cheekwood’s botanical garden
  • go zip-lining
  • have a yard sale or finally get rid of the shit you don’t want/need
  • say YES to everything for a day…or just more often because that could get dangerous
  • take more risks and get out of your comfort zone a little
  • actually make a Pinterest recipe instead of just pinning it
  • pick up a new hobby
  • learn how to play an instrument
  • learn how to drive a stick
  • take a selfie in Sinema’s selfie bathroom
  • go to a new coffee shop every week
  • go dance downtown all night until you’re too sweaty and tired to carry on
  • hide in boxes in the city and scare people
  • just go have some freaking fun the Summer for crying out loud!



Don’t be boring and lame. Get out there and enjoy life, dude!

xx || ps

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