Hangin’ Out at Hangout

The Hangout Music Festival was hands down the best festival I’ve been to so far. It was also the best and most fun weekend I think I’ve ever had. I already have a strong love for music, artists and festivals in general, but there’s just something about being on the beach with your best group of friends, partying it up in the sand, drunkenly dancing like a fool to your favorite songs, soaking up the sun and making memories that’ll last forever.  Every day, we were able to sleep in, make some breakfast, get in some much needed beach time, then head out to the festival to dance our pants off! Pre-gaming was definitely the way to go, because drinks were very expensive inside the venue. We also had shuttles available to take us back and forth from our condo so no one had to worry about driving.  Score! 

This sounds so cheeseball, but this trip was truly liberating. So many positive vibes surrounded you and you were able to be your silly self! I’ve never felt so far away and free from negativity of my everyday reality. Away from the stress and busyness of life, away from responsibilities and having to clean my house, away from men that are crazy to not want to be with you, away from Nashville traffic and people that can’t drive that make me yell at them, etc… Yes, I’ll eventually be happy to be home again, see my friends, family, great clients and my little dog, but there’s definitely a part of me that will miss Hangout Fest, the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and all the great laughs and times I spent high-fiving and yelling compliments at people while intoxicated. I’ll never forget when I asked the face painting lady to paint a sunflower around my eye and ended up with a Mike Tyson tatt. I’ll also never forget twerking to get a free meal, repeatedly loosing my shoes every night and having to buy new ones and contemplating alien conspiracies on the beach. Lastly, I’ll never forget crying bittersweet tears while hugging my best friend Linds (the blue haired partner to my purple hair) because we were so happy to be there making memories and so sad to be going home the next day. 
Alright, enough about my happy and sappy experiences…

Lil Dicky was probably my favorite performance. I’m still a little jealous that he didn’t choose me to be the girl he gave a lap dance to in his underwear, though… Following that would be Run The Jewels, P!ATD, Florence and the Machine, Flume, Walk the Moon, X Ambassadors and The Weeknd. There were so many great performances! I even enjoyed little side shows of artists that I wasn’t even familiar with. I was super bummed that Calvin Harris wasn’t able to make it because of a car accident. Hoping that him and his crew have a speedy recovery! The vendors were great and they had a bunch of cool merch. My family gave me real funny looks after seeing my Run The Jewels tank top… The food in Hangout Fest was better than anything I had outside of the festival. I stuffed my face with as much fried shrimp as I could get…and lots of pizza Pringles, of course. I’ll fortunately be returning to Bonnaroo in a couple weeks, but I’m not quite sure if it’ll top my Hangout experience. Guess we’ll find out! 
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Until next year, Hangout! 

xx || ps

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