Struttin’ Stripes


All photos // Blake Lewandoski

Hey hey, everyone!

Our weather is finally warming up enough to rock some Summer dresses and cover-ups! I got this little beauty when I was in New York City a month ago at one of their 4-6 story Forever 21 locations. Forever is already overwhelming enough with one story… but multiple? Geez Louise. It’s too much! I saw this dress, snagged it and had to get the heck out of there before I got anxious and blew all of my money. I’m a person that gets confused if certain dresses are considered a regular dress or a cover-up. But hey, if it’s not completely see through, it can be worn as a normal dress in my book. And if the dress has pockets? SCORE!

I love the 70’s vibe and colors that this has. You can easily wear it over a bathing suit at the beach with a great pair of sandals or like I have it paired with booties, a hat and a killer necklace from Urban Outfitters. I’ll luckily be at the beach all next week, so I’ll definitely be sporting it then!

My life advice to you right now:

A. Go buy this dress because it’s awesome.

B. Get the hell out of town. You’ve probably been working crazy hard or just graduated from school and need a break. Escape the every day drama, boring ruts you’re stuck in, whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you’re happy or sad, whatever the case may be! Go to the beach, visit a different city, go out West, take a camping trip… just get out, explore and free your mind. All I know is that’s what I’m about to do, people. Peace and blessin’s

F21 Striped Dress // UO Statement Necklace // Black Panama Hat // Black Booties

xx || ps

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