Festival 101

Festival season is among us!

I’ve been patently waiting all year for these happy times to come around. Great music, fun with friends, total freedom and positive vibes!

Now, some of you have probably been to a few festivals here and there. Or, maybe it’s your first time! I’m definitely a festival lover and have learned over the past couple years what to do and not to do, what to wear, what to bring and how to survive and have the time of your life!

Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you along the way!

Alright, there are 3 types of people that go to festivals:

the easy goers & free birds // the people that purely go to festivals, get in their own zone, rock an easy bathing suit and shorts and don’t give a single damn about what others think.   These people live out their festival days and reality the same way. They don’t keep up with trends or put any extra thought into packing. They solely enjoy their time without a care in the world.

the fashionistas & creative birds // this is where I fall. The people who do the following listed above, but love to rock their favorite styles, expressing their creative and crazy outfits with confidence. Although these people are bold, they stay comfortable and do these things out of fun. It’s not like I can rock my wild outfits to work… (although, I wish I could) These people have a true love for music, but have a creative side. They enjoy being different and weird in their own way. Festivals are just their favorite time to truly express themselves and get their groove on.

the overachievers & bandwagon birds  // “the flower crown gals” …not to say that floral crowns are frowned upon, but don’t be the person that tries too hard. No one at festivals really care about what you’re wearing and how good you look. You have to do it for yourself, not for the attention of others. The first two categories will be busy enjoying themselves while you’re stuck being uncomfortable. These people may or may not love the music, and most likely are just there for the social aspect.

what to wear

// you can easily just pack a few bathing suits, shorts and loose tanks. but if you’re feeling a little creative; I’ll share a few outfit choices that I might rock to a festival:

  • sundresses are easy, breezy and…beautiful… (I had to)
  • loose clothing is preferable because we all sweat
  • a plethora of undergarments to keep clean and fresh
  • bathing suits take sweat better than your ave underwear
  • COMFY SHOES. You will hate yourself if you try to rock some heels or something crazy. Sanuk sandals are my go-to! or good tennis shoes/comfy boots.
  • socks
  • anything fringe is always fun
  • panama hats for fashion and shade
  • bring shoe insoles for added comfort and support
  • wear a hat or bring plenty of ponytail holders. if you have a lioness mane like me, you won’t be able to keep it down.
  • bandanas are great, because they are fashionable, can be used to pull your hair up, protect you from the sun and to put over your mouth if it’s super dusty and dirty out.
  • bring accessories and jewelry if you choose, but try not to get too crazy. also, don’t bring anything too valuable. Grandma’s gonna be really pissed if you lose the ring she gave you…

Here’s some ideas that I’ve conjured up for you:


what to do

// Listen to the artists prior to the fest. Get a feel and a vibe of what/who you enjoy listening to, plan out who you want to see and try and catch as many shows as possible. Don’t stay for an entire set unless you absolutely have to. After all, you’re paying a hefty amount for the whole experience, so you might as well get as much out of it as you can.

// Have the absolute time of your freaking life. You’re away from work, school, annoying people, negativity, etc… This is your small vacation for freedom, fun and jamming out to some awesome music.

// Don’t drink alcohol during the day when the sun’s blazing on you. Trust me, I love me some alcohol and am 100% more fun while drinking, but at least wait ’til after the sun goes down. It’s pretty damn hot when these festivals occur and you need to make sure that you’re hydrated at all times. They typically always have free water fill stations so you can always keep your CamelBak full. Even if you think that you’re drinking enough water, drink more. *** If that doesn’t convince you, this will… Last year I saw a girl come up to the first aid tent with a cup full of black liquid. If you haven’t guessed already, it was her own pee… Moral to the story, I was scarred for life and that’s why you should stay hydrated!!

// If drugs are your thing, do it… just be SAFE. Seriously, I’ve seen way too many people tripping out of their mind and passing out cold in the middle of a ton of people that will not help you. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to miss out and not remember what I came to see and experience. Just be smart, people. It’s not that hard.

what to bring

// If it’s a festival where you are camping, really take the time to plan out all of the camping equipment you’ll need for the amount of time that you’ll be staying.

  • tent
  • tarps incase rain
  • shade tent to put over your tent (you need all the shade you can get)
  • a hammer and extra stokes for your tent and shade tent
  • sheets to clip around the shade tent for added shade and privacy from neighbs. (if you have the extra time to tie-dye them, go for it.)
  • air mattress or pallets, air pump, blankets or sleeping bags and pillows
  • towels if you’re going to rinse yourself off daily
  • batteries!!
  • folding chairs to chill outside
  • a battery powered fan (you will thank me so much for this)
  • multiple coolers
  • TONS of extra water. or lots of ice because it’ll melt throughout the time.
  • non-perishable foods and plenty of snacks
  • dry ice if you do bring things that need to stay cold (stores will run out before Bonnaroo, so get it ahead of time and just hope it lasts long enough…)
  • if you happen to have a mini portable grill, by all means, bring it. although, make sure it has a mini propane tank rather than charcoal.
  • a fold up table if you’ll be cooking/ grilling
  • napkins, plastic utensils and cups, and don’t forget trash bags!
  • bring mini condiment packages rather than bottles. find them at any fast food restaurant.
  • soap or baby wipes (depending on how clean you really care about being)
  • deodorant
  • dry shampoo will be your life saver
  • allergy meds / Advil or Tylenol
  • bug spray
  • sunglasses
  • a small blanket for chilling inside the venue area
  • toothbrush / mouthwash
  • CamelBak water backpack
  • a hat
  • hairbrush (my hair started forming dreads last year)
  • mini walkie-talkies if you want to split up (forget about getting any service while you’re there)
  • portable chargers. DON’T kill your car battery.
  • extra keys to your car (if you lose them without a spare, there’s no coming back)
  • plenty of cash. ATM lines are ridiculous.
  • a flash light to get around at night
  • ear plugs if you decide to go to sleep while there’s still artists performing late-night
  • flip flops for just hanging around the campsite
  • toilet paper / wet wipes
  • bring a small backpack or fanny pack to keep sunscreen/money/ID, etc… in the venue area.
  • bring your smiling face, because you’re about to have a great time!


Now you’re prepared to survive any festival that may come your way!

Just remember to have fun and leave all your worries at home!

Feel free to ask any questions below. Happy Wednesday!

xx || ps


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