Fringe Fanatic


Hi, my name is Paisley and I’m a fringe fanatic.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one, and to solve that problem…. I’ll probably just go buy more fringe.

Man, it’s been a GORGEOUS week in Nashville! I couldn’t have asked for better weather. I’ve been waiting for Spring to get here so I could rock this light, fringe jacket, but I almost didn’t even need it! Fringe is still in, and will be huge for festivals this Summer. I’m also totally obsessed with my new cacti necklace. I know a prick when I see one…. sorry, I had to.

This is one of my favorite outfits. I love wearing high waisted pants, and I don’t think that I could ever go back to low rise. Ever! They fit my form way better, and I don’t have to worry about my food baby as much when wearing them. Also, I love crop tops! They may not be everyone’s thing, but I don’t think showing a lil’ midriff ever really hurt anyone. The day that I get old enough to where I should stop wearing crop tops will be a very sad day for me…

Tagged below are the links to where I got all of these gems! Happy Hump Day!


All photos || Shelby Starks

Gypsy Warrior Wrap Necklace || Free People Fringe Jacket (similar F21 jacket)|| H&M High-waisted Pants || White Crop Tank || Suede Ankle Booties

xx || ps

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