Weeknight Adventures



Who says you can’t go out and have fun on the weekdays?

My family definitely likes to, for sure! Last night, we chose some of our favorite places to hit up. I’ve been going to San Antonio Taco Co. (SATCO) ever since I was really young. It’s one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Nothing too fancy, but always great service and killer food. Not to mention the best queso on the planet. The weather in Nashville was gorgeous yesterday, so we got to hang out on their patio with a couple Dos Equis. Livin’ the life!

Another place that I’ve recently discovered and have fallen in love with is Bastion. It’s a super cool cocktail bar and lounge in the Wedgewood/Houston Station area. They have such an eclectic, trendy vibe with great drinks, killer nachos and this ring-and-hook game that I may or may not be obsessed with playing…and I will challenge you…and hopefully win. They also have really attractive bartenders. (insert winking emoji here)

Make sure you check these places out soon if you haven’t! Whether it’s a weeknight or the weekend, I guarantee you’ll have a great time.




Where are some of your favorites spots to hang out during the week/weekend? Let me know!

xx || ps

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