Everyday Essentials


 Alright, so I found this awesome t-shirt at TJMaxx the other day, and it fit perfectly with me and my personal daily essentials. I can’t leave my apartment, work or anywhere else without asking myself if I have all of these things on me. Although, coffee might only make it on the list once or twice throughout the day. (I’m not that much of an addict…)

Then, I started to wonder what are my life essentials? Like things that I can’t live without? Obviously, I would never want to live without my family, friends and things like food, water and shelter, but I’m talking material things. And I’m gonna be real honest…

Like my phone. I’m not going t0 lie, my phone is on me 24/7, and I’m on it a lot. People have even complained about it in the past and called me a “phob” (phone snob), but I have reasoning behind it… I like to be social. I like checking Instagram and seeing whats going on and I like Snapchatting my friends ugly pictures of myself. I get on Pinterest a lot to keep myself inspired. I’m also trying to network and help build a business for myself, whether that be for my career as a hairstylist or for my blog.

Also can’t live without my wallet. My money and ID help me to do things, and without things, there is no fun. I’m very blessed to be able to pay for my own things, like clothes, food, rent, etc… I also love giving money to the homeless and people selling papers on the street. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can do some good.

It would be very unfortunate to not have my car. Walking everywhere? Heck no. I’m not even in good shape as it is. We’re so fortunate to have cars. Also, cars = travel = happy Paisley.

Coffee. Dang, I cannot live without coffee. I mean, it’s possible, but I would be one cranky gal without it. Even going one day without coffee will give me a huge headache. You know you have a problem when……

ClothesLife’s a Beach, but life ain’t a nude beach! I love me some good clothes.

Now, this is a big one, a razor. Seriously! I can’t stand being any sort of hairy. At all. Snuggling into bed with fresh dolphin legs is one of my favorite things, and I keep that going consistently.

This is a food thing but, life just wouldn’t be the same without queso. It’s my favorite thing to eat, and I think it makes me a happier person. It’s actually quite funny, because I have a slight allergy to milk and can’t drink it, but somehow I get still get down on some queso, no problemo.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have my hair. So I’m going to say great hair products. I use Redken and Pureology products on my hair, and it’s never looked better, felt softer or ever been this healthy, that’s for sure. As a stylist, you can always hit me up with questions about products for your hair.

I’m not typically great about being organized, so I definitely need a calendar planner. I will easily forget plans or important events if I don’t have one of these. It keeps me o track and makes me feel so productive and adulty. Is that a word…adulty? Who cares.

The world would be so dull if we didn’t have music. I honestly listen to music every day. It helps create good vibes and can always put me in a great mood. A world without music? ….would be really freaking quiet. That’s all I know.

I could probably live without this, but I’m going to shout out to my perfume. I was never a big perfume person, but Yves St. Laurent Black Opium keeps me smelling amazing all day, every day. Also, deodorant and soap, duh.

Toothbrush! Can’t be walking around with janky teeth, now! C’mon…

Well, that’s that! Or at least all I can think of at the moment. Also, I want to give a huge shoutout to Jewell Fashion Obsession for not caring that I snagged a few pictures in your store and for being an awesome local boutique that I love to shop at!



Happy Wednesday!

xx || ps

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