Caffeinated Creativity


How do you stay creative and inspired?

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

No, but really. That is one way that helps me stay awake in order to assist my creativity. Trying to maintain being creative and staying motivated is tough. I find myself often getting into ruts, then having to find a way to snap out of it. I’m a goal digger, a planner and a dreamer. My mind is constantly running…What are my plans for this week, month, my life? What am I going to eat? What should I wear today? How can I better myself and my skills with my career? What do I blog about next? It’s an endless vortex in my mind. I have to focus on certain things to keep my creativity, motivation and inspiration. What keeps those things going you might ask?


seriously, those 30 min of sipping and thinking in the morning help me to calmly create a whole new vision in my mind.

family and friends

asking for advice never hurts. I ask my friends, family and even you guys what you want to see and what you’re interested in, so that I can come up with topics pleasing to my readers.


thank God for Pinterest. For real. It’s the inspirational bible that guides me through life with diy’s, outfit choices, trends, home decor, hair/makeup tricks, articles, recipes, you name it! It always sparks my creativity!


journaling has kept me super inspired. I jot down notes in my 52 Lists Project, which always gives my brain a workout. I also started a gratitude journal a while back, where I try and make a daily entry of something I was grateful for that day or something that inspired me. Other than that, I’m always making to-do lists and things to keep myself on track.


this is almost the most inspiring. getting out and away for a while, putting yourself in a new perspective, letting your mind open up and fill with a new scenery. whenever I feel like I’m stuck in a rut or get stressed and overwhelmed for a long period of time, that’s when I plan a trip and get the heck out of dodge to clear my head and focus on something new and different. the more you open yourself up for creativity and new ideas, the more you’ll receive.

All of these things provided the inspiration behind my outfit, hairstyle, makeup, post idea and coffee choice (iced chai, btw…)




Turtleneck Crop || Tommy Hilfiger Denim (I snagged at Goodwill & distressed myself) || Black Fringe Crossbody (similar) || Grunge Platform Booties || Black Panama Hat

Coffee provided by The Well Coffeehouse in Brentwood, TN.

xx || ps

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