Behind the Paisleydaze


Better late than never, right? I wrote a small spiel in my about me section, but I never truly introduced myself to everyone in detail. If you don’t know me, barely know me, or think you know me, now you’ll get a little more insight on who I really am and who’s behind the posts I make. So, here it goes!


My name is Paisley Jewels Starks. Yes, my name is eclectic, and you can thank my mom for that. I’m a free-spirited, seriously sarcastic, coffee-addicted, queso-loving twenty-something gal from Nashville, Tennessee. I have two wonderful parents that are my forever heroes, and two insanely gorgeous sisters that inspire me every day. I currently don’t have any pets, because I can’t even keep my plants alive… I love to shop, travel, eat, sleep, consume alcohol, go to concerts and music festivals, dance around my apartment to my favorite songs, watch Netflix while sunk so far into my comfy couch and spend time with my friends and family. Growing up, I was definitely more creative and artistic rather than athletic. I was on a soccer team, once, just once, and stood in the field picking dandelions all day. Obviously, that didn’t go very well. I loved playing instruments, but unfortunately was very lazy and would quit them all after a while. One thing I stuck to was art. I was very artistic with sketching and painting, but also with styling hair and makeup. I loved doing friends hair for proms, dances and different events, as well as my family’s and my own. I was always the girl in school that liked to fix up for no reason, while coming home with my entire arm drawn up with fake tattoos. I don’t think my parents knew what to think of me…

I was never extremely social, and mostly kept to myself during my high school years. I’m very shy when I first meet people. I also have an uncontrollable case of RBF, (resting bitch face) and it never really gave me a great first impression with anyone. But, after a little bit of getting to know me, you’ll find that I love to joke, laugh, act totally silly and I’ll most likely get along with everyone. After high school, I definitely have tried to get more and more outgoing and out of my comfort zone. One thing that really helped with that was my awesome hair school, The Salon Professional Academy. I enrolled right after I graduated high school. I’ve always been very determined, goal minded and hard working at things I really enjoy. I’ll always love art, but I grew a strong passion for hair and makeup and knew that I wanted to make a career of it. My hair school was so much fun, and it set me up for so much success. I got a job at my current salon, Artistry SpaSalon, a little over three years ago, where I’ve truly been able to express my talents and abilities while making people feel like their best selves every day. Over time, I got really interested in researching different hairstyles and makeup looks. That eventually grew into fashion and outfit choices. I’ve always had a unique sense of fashion ( so I think…) and it changes daily on my mood. One day I can be dressed pretty grunge in all black with a beanie, dark lips and heeled boots, the next I can be a total hippie and really anywhere in between those. I’m all about rocking some crop tops, leather, fringe, suede, overalls, bell bottoms, high waisted anything, thigh high socks, chunky heeled boots and occasionally…gym clothes, because I like to eat…a lot, and I have to make up for it.

I followed a few different blogs and began to wonder what it would be like to start my own. I have a separate Instagram for the hairstyles and colors I’ve done, but I wanted a little variety in my life. That led me to start a fashion and lifestyle blog back in March of last year. I’ve loved being able to share my fashion ideas, hot spots that I frequent in Nashville and the places I’ve traveled to! It’s difficult to manage a blog and a full time job as a hairstylist, but I’ve managed to keep my free time fairly productive. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I procrastinate and I did take last week off. It was my birthday, though…so I think that’s a good excuse. But, I’ve enjoyed my year of blogging and can’t wait to see where this next year takes me! I’ll still be doing a lot of shopping, per usual, so get ready for some great outfits to come. I’ll also be doing a lot of traveling coming up, so stay tuned for more awesome adventures!


I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little better and I’m excited to get to know my followers better and continue this journey! Comment below if there’s anything else you would like to know. Have a wonderful Wednesday!




xx || ps

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