VDAY 101

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It’s that time of year again! Whether you refer to Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year or Single’s Awareness Day, you’re either going to be loving someone or loving yourself! So, you might as well get excited and prepare for an awesome night. And how you prepare for Vday, you ask? Well, I’ve got a little advice to share with you all that might peak your interest, answer your questions or help spice up your night a little.

First question you might be wondering; What should you wear?

Girls || A little black dress is classic and always appropriate. Wearing something red is fine, I just wouldn’t go overboard on that or pink. I don’t think guys like pink that much… I would wear a classy red dress or nice, flowy red top with black pants and heels. Throw some loose curls in your hair or rock a chic bun, keep your eye makeup soft and add a bold red or pink lip to enhance your look.  Creds to Pinterest, here are some ideas:

Men || For heaven’s sake, take this one day of the year and dress up nice for your woman, or man, or dog…it doesn’t matter. Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man, remember? You don’t necessarily have to be in a suit and tie (or props if you do) but at least sport a button up with a nice pair of dark denim and boots, at minimum.

Second question you might be wondering; What should you do on Valentines day?

For the lovers:

  • Get dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, stomach the cost of the bill, enjoy yourself and definitely get dessert there or grab some ice cream close by afterward. If money is a little tight, just remember that Waffle House offers a candlelight dinner upon reservation.
  • Get a little out of the norm and rent a Vday suite at a nearby hotel. Either grab some Chinese take out on your way or help yourself to some room service and feel pampered all night. (Try and get a room with a jacuzzi, because why not?)
  • Hit up your local grocery store with your lover and cook your own meal together. Or, surprise your significant other with your home cooked dinner, flowers and some chocolate. The effort you go through to cook for someone else is very romantic and appreciated. (unless you’re like me and can’t cook to save your life…)
  • Have a Netflix and chill night, or literally chill and veg out on popcorn and candy. To make it more fun, build a fort out of blankets and play some board games or something.
  • Take your bae to a spot with a beautiful view and have a legit picnic. Complete with a blanket, a picnic basket, and awesome food of course. You might want an extra blanket, though, because it’s typically cold as crap in February and you may want to snuggle up as you get some star gazing in.

For my independent people:

  • Get together with your just-as-single girlfriends and have the best girl’s night ever. Go on a date with them, or chill at home with some wine, sad love movies, cry a little bit, but laugh a whole lot more.
  • Order a heart shaped pizza, to share or not to share, because it’s the only time that they offer it and enjoy every little bit of it.
  • Treat yo’ self! Go get a mani/pedi, a massage or facial, do a little retail therapy or really just whatever makes you happy.
  • Have a bar crawl with your single friends an get out there and be social!



Third question you might be wondering; What should I get my significant other for Vday?


  • Guys, don’t think that your girl doesn’t want flowers for Valentine’s Day, because she’s probably lying…every girl wants flowers, even on days other than Vday. Unless they’re like me and would happily accept an Edible Arrangement instead.
  • A classic stuffed bear or dog or whatever is cute, but maybe think outside of the box and get them an actual puppy? Just a thought.
  • Jewelry is always nice and thoughtful. I’d probably go with a necklace or bracelet that she can show off daily. Earrings, not so much. We all know the Shane Co. commercials by heart, so it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out…
  • Treat your babe to a Spa day, guy or girl. A person is crazy if they don’t like massages. Plus, you could book a couple’s massage, that way it would benefit the both of you!
  • I would typically say that perfume is overrated, until I found one that I can’t live without. Plus, I’ve never got so many compliments from men, yes men, on this fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent // Black Opium is the way to go. Hands down.
  • If you want to totally score on Vday, get your lady a Victoria’s Secret gift card, and go with her to pick out what lingerie she wants and what you think she looks good in. Trust me, she appreciates your opinion.
  • Gifts to get guys are tough… they typically aren’t too mushy and lovey-dovey. What’s his fav sports team? Get him tickets to an upcoming game. Does he have a favorite band? Get him tickets to a show or buy their album on vinyl for him. You could always grab his favorite movie, book, candy or just little things that you know he loves. Does he like to travel or explore? Book a cozy cabin for the weekend and get some hiking in. Buying Vday themed underwear for him at American Eagle is always fun. A nice watch would be cool, if he’s into that. If all else fails, Pinterest it.



I hope that you all have the happiest of Valentine’s Days! Share the love and feel free to add comments or ideas below!





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