Soundtrack to My Life



All Photos || Blake Lewandoski

What would life be without music? Pretty dang quiet, that’s for sure. Music is a huge form of self-expression and helps with any emotion. I don’t think that a single day goes by that I don’t listen to music. Ever since I was very young, singing was a big passion of mine. I was inspired by so many people; Tracey Chapman, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury, Lauren Hill, and so many more. I tried to play multiple different instruments as well, but honestly, I didn’t have much patience as a kid, so I stuck with just listening and singing. Some of my favorite memories were when my dad and I would jam out to some of the best artists, and I can’t thank him enough for his music influence. I have so much respect for the music of the 70’s-90’s, and music just seemed much more real and raw back then. I think with that respect, I enjoyed listening to any and every genre of music. (except Country….I know i’m from Nashville, but I just can’t do it.) There are songs that fit my every mood or help mold me into the mood I want to be in or emotion I wish to feel. Do you have your songs and artists in mind that are your “always go-to’s” or current jams? Well, I’m going to get together a list below of the Soundtrack to My Life, and see if it inspires you or gives you some great music to listen to in the future:

Working Out – Buckcherry // Crazy Bitch, Limp Bizkit // Break Stuff

Angry – Blink 182 // Fighting the Gravity

Sad – Taking Back Sunday // MakeDamnSure

Happy – Dexy’s Midnight Runners // Come On Eileen

Stressed – Twenty One Pilots // Stressed Out (duh)

Pre-gaming – Pusha T // Got Em Covered

Dancing the night away – Far East Movement // Bang It to the Curb

bubble bath – any Nora Jones/ John Mayer/ Sam Smith

Cleaning the house & cooking- Juvenile // Back That Thang Up

Drive to work – Throw back jams to get pumped all the way!

What are your favorite current jams and throwback jams? Let’s hear ’em! (haha, get it, hear ’em…)

Happy Hump Day!

xx || ps

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