Winter Warrior



All Photos || Blake Lewandoski

Can I just take a minute to brag on these photos? They’re amazing. And that car? It’s pretty amazing, too…

This outfit is brought to you by Gypsy Warrior, one of my favorite clothing and accessory companies! Their badass, boho, grungy, gypsy vibes suck me in every time. This company is for the edgy girls that love red lipstick, rock and roll, dancing all night and sleeping all day. I seriously struggle to control myself when browsing through their online site because I consider purchasing everything! At least I’m in Nashville instead of New Jersey or I would own more than half of the store.

Some don’t like to dress too grungy, or want to dress in that fashion but are scared to based on how they will be viewed or on other’s opinions. I say, go for it! It’s always fun to embrace your dark side here and there. Especially in the Winter time, you want to double up on dark clothes and layers. It was absolutely freezing during this shoot, but I made it through like a Winter warrior with my  Gypsy Warrior Fringe Jacket. Just because it’s crazy cold outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t rock your favorites. (You may want a little bit warmer of a jacket, though…) Fringe is in, ringer tees are rad, and bell bottoms are always welcome. Check out these awesome pieces below!

GW Fringe Jacket || GW Black Bell Bottoms || GW Ringer Tees || GW Black Booties

xx || ps

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