’15 Reminiscing


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What a year! 2015 was exhilarating for me. I started my blog, got promoted at my job, gave people beautiful hairstyles, traveled every chance that I got, went to as many music festivals and concerts as possible, made so many great friends, got a few tattoos along the way, and my passion for fashion has really grown and is in full swing. As for the new year, I definitely have some things that I want to accomplish. I wouldn’t necessarily call them New Year’s resolutions, because I might not finish them, but rather refer to them as goals. I want to travel as much as possible, get out and be more social and do so much more with my blog. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this new year and what opportunities will arise!

For this post, I wanted to reflect on some my favorite outfits and styles of 2015:

  • Bell bottoms were HUGE this year, and honestly I’ve honestly never been so happy about about a trend coming back in style. Who doesn’t want to visually appear to have longer legs and a bigger butt.
  • Boyfriend jeans! Yes, a good pair of skinnies is nice every once and a while, but being able to rock some denim that just happens to be baggy and comfortable but still look super cute on. Score! 
  • Fun festival clothes! Not everyone goes to music festivals, but it’s a place where you can wear anything and everything (or nothing…) and feel completely free and comfortable!
  • Anything velvet or suede. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a serious obsession with them. These fabrics became super popular this year and will be great accents to this year as well!



I’ve got some exciting ideas for the blog this year and I would love to hear what you all are wanting to see! What are your New Years resolutions? Where do you want to travel this year? What trends do you want to see this season? Feel free to leave any comments below with suggestions!



Happy New Year! 

xx || ps



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