Cheers to the New Year!


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What a year! 2015 has been an amazing year, filled with so many ups, downs and all in betweens. It has definitely been a year to remember, and I can’t wait to see what the New Year holds!

There’s always one problem that women have on New Year’s Eve, though… what to wear!! Yes, we know that men don’t understand the complexity of the situation, but it’s very important. The basic rules are typically something sparkly or black, but here’s some different outfit ideas for your ballin’ night:

1 ||  Little black dress and heels. Can’t ever go wrong with that. Red lips? Why not?

2 ||  An elegant solid color tank with sequined or designed leggings and a blazer.

3 ||  A glittery, sparkly, sequined, whatever top. Pair it with simple black pants or a skirt. Throw in some over-the-knee boots for some umph!

4 ||  THE MOST SPARKLIEST DRESS YOU’VE EVER SEEN! (pictured above) Who cares what it looks like, as long as its shiny and catches every man’s eye you walk past.

 5 ||  You’re pajamas if you’re sitting at home being lame, which hopefully you won’t be.

Check out Forever 21ExpressH&M, or  Charlotte Russe for a quick fix if you haven’t found an outfit yet! Or head to your nearest boutique. My dress pictured is from Blush Boutique in Nashville.

I hope that everyone has the happiest of New Years and let’s go out with a BANG! 

xx || ps


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