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I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t buy this sweater because the color was fairly bright and bold. You know me, I’m a neutral-tone lover. But, I decided what the heck, and bought it. It’s insanely comfortable and it has elbow patches… elbow patches! You never know, I might bust my butt somewhere (wouldn’t be surprising) and this cardigan will save me. This mustard-yellow is a super hot accent color this season!

Want to know an article of clothing that you can never have enough of? BAND TEES. As many as you want, as many different artists as you want. Forever 21 has the hook up on graphic and band tees. That’s typically where I get all of mine. Wear them casually or spice them up with a blazer and heels. Love that look.

I would definitely describe this outfit as random, but fun. Yellow cardigan, Lynyrd Skynyrd Tee, ripped black denim and maroon boots. Yep, completely random. Sometimes it’s fun to mix and match your clothes. You’ll create new outfits that you never knew you could wear. All I have to say is, have fun with your fashion! Life is too short. Wear what you want to wear. Buy the shoes…


Use #fashionfreedom in your pictures to inspire others to rock their own style!




F21 Graphic Tee || F21 Cardigan  || Black Ripped Denim || Maroon Booties || UO Gray Beanie





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