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So, do we all remember when everyone thought that those sweater dresses from high school were really attractive? Some were overly bulky, some had crazy designs and some were actually too short to call a dress… Well, go ahead and toss those, then get one of these. I got this little beauty recently from Forever 21 . The material is light and thin, but keeps you warm at the same time. I also love the look of dresses that come below the knee. It looks very classy and you avoid any Britney-getting-out-of-a-limo moments. This is a great dress to have in your Winter wardrobe! Pair it with a leather jacket or long cardigan, your favorite necklace and ankle booties (anything taller would clash with the length of the dress). I also love the camel color of the dress. Yes, I am a very neutral-tone person, but you can easily mix and match it with just about everything! This Winter won’t stop me from wearing dresses, and hopefully not you either!

Want a little tip on this hair? I’m a gal that doesn’t like my hair to be stick straight. I like a little movement, flip and style to my hair. This is a simple style that helps me to avoid old-school T Swift curls and the slick-to-my-head straight look. Here’s what you’ll need:

 2″ Curling Iron || Redken Iron Shape 11 || Paddle Brush || Redken Fashion Work 12

1 || Make sure that your hair is blown dry and as smooth as possible. If you have to touch up small spots with a flat iron, it’s OK, no one’s judging.

2 || Spray Redken’s Iron Shape 11 throughout your hair, focusing more on the mid-lengths and ends. Brush through with your paddle brush to evenly disperse product. This will protect your hair from the heat of the iron and avoid crunchiness.

3 || Separate your hair into 2 sections (top/bottom). Take about 1″ – 2″ wide vertical sections, insert the curling iron about halfway to 3/4 down the section, slowly close the iron as you move down the hair strand and hold it on the ends for just a couple seconds.

4 || Let the curl down and let all of the following curls cool down before touching them. After every section is curled just on the ends and cooled, use your fingers to lightly rattle through the curl instead of brushing them out. This keeps the bend and texture to the ends without it looking so perfect.

5 || Finish with your favorite hairspray to help your style hold throughout the day. I use Redken’s Fashion Work 12, because it’s lightweight, won’t leave the hair crunchy and gives a great hold to your style.

Voila! Please remember that I AM a licensed cosmetologist based out of Franklin, TN. If you ever need any hair/makeup needs, I’m your girl!

What are some things that you guys want to see on the blog? Do you need any fashion/hair tips? Any new trends that you want to see worn? Let me know with a comment below!

F21 Bodycon Sweater Dress || Black Booties ||  UO Panama Hat || Black Fringe Bag (similar)

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