|| Mad For Plaid ||




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I don’t think that I could’ve chosen a better Thanksgiving outfit, or a cooler outfit in general. When I saw this killer, full plaid jumpsuit at Forever 21 in Atlanta’s Lennox Square Mall,  (ps. my favorite mall) I knew that it had to be mine. Don’t you just love that? When you find an outfit that speaks to you, you love everything about it, and you know that you’ll look great together? Then when you put it on, it loves you right back. It fits perfectly, accentuates all the right areas and you can guarantee that you’ll be getting lots of compliments that day. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it bought me this jumpsuit and I’m ecstatic!

I hope that everyone rocks their favorite outfit tomorrow, eats all of the best Thanksgiving food and gets to spend time with all of their loved ones!

Happy Turkey Daze!

F21 Plaid Jumpsuit || F21 Black Booties || UO Cognac Panama Hat

xx || ps

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