|| Sweater Weather ||

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When you find an abandoned parking garage, you take advantage of a photo-op. I mean, look at that first shot…he nailed it. (my iced coffee photobombed the pic, though.) The neutral tones worked so well with my outfit, even my hair. Can I finally say that it’s sweater weather in Nashville? …Maybe. Tennessee weather can never make up it’s mind. It’s been between 65-70 degrees every day since November started. Therefore, my outfit expresses my torn feelings about what season we’re actually in. I decided to pair my new turtleneck sweater with my boyfriend-fit, distressed shorts. It’s such a comfortable and casual outfit. I searched the world up and down for these shorts, and they were so hard to find because this trend got so popular so quick. I’d rather be rocking loose-fit, long and comfy shorts any day over unflattering booty shorts. (Am I right?) And don’t be self-conscious about turtlenecks. Yes, not everyone is on board with the style, but I think everyone looks good in them and I cannot wait to rock them this year!


What are some outfits that you’re looking forward to this Winter? Any new trends that you’re stoked about?




F21 Turtleneck Sweater || F21 Distressed Bermuda Shorts || UO Panama Hat || UNIONBAY Fringe Crossbody





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