|| Too Tied to Ride ||

tied10 tied6 tied4

I would firstly like to thank the man that owns this motorcycle and let me take pictures next to it, because he didn’t actually know that I snuck some pictures by it before he walked up afterward… You are a loyal human and I hope that you don’t mind that it’s featured on my blog.

Secondly, I have to brag on this bodysuit from GoJane. I’m not going to lie, I have it in three colors. It’s so comfortable, and the one piece helps it to not look like a cheesy, lumpy tucked in shirt. Some people may not like the risqué look with the low-cut, open front, but I do, and I’m not very blessed in the chest area so it works. I love this piece with pants, a skirt or shorts. (really anything. heck, you could wear it with sweatpants and it would probably still look cute.) You can wear it in the Summer because it’s breezy and the light fabric keeps you cool, or you can wear it in the colder months with a jacket or cardigan.  It’s just all around amazing and I recommend that you go buy one, pronto! 

tied3 tied1 tied7 tied8

All Photos || Paxton Stroud

Lace-Up Bodysuit || Ripped Skinny Jeans || Black Leather Booties || UO Half-Frame Sunnies || UO Panama Hat

xx || ps

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