|| Fabric Frenzy ||

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Life is too short to not mix up your fabrics. Suede, denim, leather, cotton, you name it; why not put them together? I love mixing and matching my clothes to create new looks and outfits. You can’t just wear an article of clothing once, then never again. (well, some people do, but I’m not at that luxurious point in life yet.) I wear my clothes over and over. Do you ever have that day where you rock an awesome outfit, but no one really sees it, so you wear it again the next time you go out? Guilty! So, you’ll probably see me wearing the same pieces, just paired with new items here and there.

I loved pairing this suede and denim ‘fit. I came across this fringy gem at Forever 21 and fell in love. Not only am I a suede-aholic, but you know a girl loves some fringe, too. This top can be paired with so many things, and it will also look super cute under a cardigan when the weather starts to feel more like Fall. Now for the denim; this was an ultimate steal from Urban Outfitters. The mini skirt trend has become so popular! I’m not going to lie…I also have this skirt in black suede as well. (hints the suede-aholic) I love the denim mini, though, because you can practically wear it with anything. Anything! T-shirt? Done. Nice blouse? Sure. Comfy sweater? Heck yeah! The possibilities are endless. I’m not even worried about colder weather coming our way soon, because I’ll just wear some thigh-high stockings with the skirt to keep my legs warm. The weather can’t stop me from what I want to wear!

Suede Fringe Top (similar) || UO Denim Skirt || UO Sunnies || Black Booties

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