|| Back In Black ||

black8 black3 black6

“I wear too much black” said no one, ever.

Black clothes make a statement. They can be classy and elegant or grungy and punk. I love how you can style all black outfits in so many different ways. Wearing all black is easy for me, because I wear nothing but black every day at my salon. I try and go into stores with the intention of buying more colorful things, but just tend to gravitate toward what I know and am used to. Wearing black gives me a sense of confidence. It makes me feel bold and mysterious. And not to mention, it goes with everything. Black on black on black.

black2 black5

Here are some close-up details of the ‘fit. I got these awesome black leather converse recently and am kind of obsessed with them. The leather just gives them a little extra edge. Also, I’ve noticed quite a few fashion bloggers rocking a bandana tied as a small scarf. I love it! Hopefully, people don’t think that I’m in a gang, because I’ll most likely be wearing them fairly often.

Does wearing all black strangely put you in a better mood? (Not at a funeral, but for fashion’s sake.) It’s the confidence that it gives you! When you’re having a bad day, your man is acting up, life is overwhelming, just put on a black outfit and strut your stuff, girl! (or guys..guys can rock all black, too. And it’s hot.) I guarantee that you’ll feel more confident in yourself. I mean, why do villains typically wear all black? Because they’re badass. It’s simple; be chic, mysterious and badass.

black1 black6

I’m not sure why it’s October in Tennessee and it’s not getting colder yet. But I’ll take the last bits of warm weather that I can and rock some shorts and crop tops until I can’t anymore!

The moral of this post is: go put on an all black outfit and get your confidence on!

xx || ps

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