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Enjoying the last little bit of warm weather that I can! I’ll miss everything about Summer, but Fall is definitely my favorite season. I’m crazy ready for beanies and sweaters. Hints the beanie with the outfit, I’m just ready…c’mon Tennessee weather! This was a very easy Summer look, though. I had never been so happy when high waisted shorts came back into style, and now, I can never see myself wearing a pair of regular, low-cut shorts again. I paired those with this awesome velvet one piece that I got at the thrift store. (yes, the thrift store.) Super cool, right? I could also dress up the velvet onesie with a black skirt and some heels if I wanted to give it a classier feel. But today, I was going for the SK8R girl look. Thanks, Avril.

“She was a sk8r girl, he said see ya later, girl.” Nice ring to it, but….moving on.

I honestly feel like this was the Summer’s hottest outfit. I mean, doesn’t everyone own high waisted shorts, a tank, flannel and some chucks? These were all of my quick and easy go-to’s this past season. Obviously, they were every one else’s as well, because I saw a lot of people with the same or similar outfit. I’m all about simplicity and easy outfits, with a crazy flare here and there. There’s no need to try too hard with your style. Be yourself and rock what you feel comfortable in! What was your favorite style over the Summer? What Fall fashion trend are you most excited about? Let me know!

Velvet One Piece (similar) || AA High Waisted Shorts || UO Thin beanie || UO Flannel

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