|| Evenings on the East Side ||

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I love being a Nashville native. It’s such an exciting city, with so much to do and so much to see. I live more on the South side of Nashville, but you’ll often catch me in East Nashville. They have some of the best little hang out spots, incredible food and this awesome sign that you can’t help taking a picture next to.

This is a great “ease into Fall” outfit. The dress still keeps you cool during the day, but you can add a flannel to warm you up in the evening. I also love the idea of wearing your fav converse with a dress. It lets you feel classy and casual at the same time. I’m totally digging this weather transition in Nashville right now, but I honestly cannot wait until legit sweater weather. I have so many Fall outfits and styles that I can’t wait to show you guys!


Here are some more detailed shots of the ‘fit. Also, you see a little more details on my tattoos. My tattoos all have so much meaning to me, and they really allow me to express myself. If you like my ink and are needing a great artist in the Nashville area, hit up Zane Pendergast at Safehouse Tattoo Studio. I like how they give me a little more edge to my style. I know that I’m nowhere close to perfect, so I don’t try to be. I strive every day to be myself and not let the opinions of others affect me or my life. (even when old people look at me like I’m crazy…) Let’s radiate positive vibes, people!

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All photos || PS. Photography

UO Sweater Dress || UO Flannel || Low Top Converse || Sunnies are vintage!

xx || ps

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